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  1. Ok so update time, one year on from my sah. I have had my clipping done eventually after being cancelled 5 times. The clipping did result in a full weekend of fits and a few days of being gaga, and not knowing what time or even day it was. Next came my coiling which only got cancelled once..... hurray..... this was much better. No fits, no going gaga just straight forward operation, even if they didn't achieve what they wanted to do. Apparently once they have been through your arteries they can collapse a little bit. This has unfortunately happened to me, and they couldn't get the coils through, so I have been stented instead. I will be reviewed be April, if all the same the may leave alone, if there's been a change they will try once again to operate. Things move very slowly when you've had a sah, as I am learning. I have had to learn to go a bit slower and listen to my body, but I'm sure one day I will return to as near I can to what I was. Hoping you are all well and getting ready for Christmas, which I will fully enjoy this year, as last Christmas didn't happen in my little bubble of icu.
  2. Well guys an update I've finally had my clipping done. Had a bit of a rough time, had to spend a little more time in intensive care than what I would have liked. It was all going so well, came round from my operation and was fine, even managed to eat a sandwich and talk to family on the phone and had visitors. Next morning I was moved to a ward and all seemed to be going well. Problems arose late that day when I started fitting, and had to be put back into intensive care. After losing a couple of days again and thinking someone had been messing about with my phone, I was convinced someone had changed the date from Thursday to Monday. Finally I started to feel myself again come Tuesday and was allowed home on the Thursday. That was two week ago now. Unfortunatly the fit have degraded my eyesight again so I'll apologise if there are lots of spelling mistakes and missed full stops lol. I am hoping that this is going to be temporary and it's going to gradually improve, otherwise it will cost me a small fortune in new glasses. I am now awaiting my coiling operation which hopefully will be carried out in about 6 weeks time, all being well and beds available again in intensive care. Thanks guys for being a sounding board, it really is great just to have somewhere to come when we need to.
  3. Guess what guys cancelled again. No beds in intensive care. That was atempt number 5 so now been given a date of next Wednesday, praying I won't get cancelled again. I really am starting to give up hope of ever having this op........
  4. Thanks guys it's a big help knowing that others have been through the same. Andy's life has mostly returned back to normal, coming home from work to a mad house. I am trying to return to a normal routine cooking, cleaning but Andy has to do a lot more household jobs than he used to ie washing, ironing but we're managing. I suppose you have too! But I am nowhere near returning to work, and fear that it won't happen. I have a very physical job in a factory, and really don't feel like I will be able to do the same job, but I remain hopeful.... Thanks for the encouragement guys, hope your all doing well on your own personnel journeys.
  5. Ok folks Julie here with an update. My clipping was meant to be carried out 5 weeks ago now, unfortunately it's now been cancelled 3 times. I have my next date booked in for next Thursday. Please keep your fingers crossed that this time it goes ahead, I am starting to get very frustrated with the whole process and getting myself very worked up. It might not be so bad if it was a local hospital but it's two hours drive away from us, and I don't drive so it means someone taking time off work to take me...... Normally my poor long suffering husband..... To give you a clue as to what I've had to put up with my opp was cancelled last Friday as there were no beds available in intensive care for when I came out of theatre (I have no problem with this, someone needed the bed more than me ie emergency) So was sent home with the knowledge that some one would call me the following Monday with a new date...... Monday came and went no phone call, so on Tuesday I called them , They told me that someone from the hospital would call me back before 5 that evening.... No one called so I called them Wednesday after lunch.....Well believe me When I say I had to pick myself up off the floor when they told me and I quote oh Mrs Reay I was meant to call you back yesterday to then be informed that I'm meant to be on the operating table now, and they are very sorry for the mix up and not calling me back yesterday.... I am boiling....He asked me what I'd had to eat and drink today, so I told him I'd had breakfast and then I said that it would take me two hours to get over there, he then said oh well we will have to cancel it again and book you in for next Thursday at 11..... I know they were good with me when I had the brain haemorrhage and with my eye ops... But this is now turning into some kind of comedy...... I can feel my blood pressure rising with every phone call I have to make...... I just wish I could get myself back to some kind of normality, for gods sake it's been 9 month since my sah and I don't feel like I've progressed any further. I'm starting to get worked up now for the slightest of things, and once again hubby taking the brunt of it all.... Has anyone else gone through this? All I want is for things to go back to how they were!! And have some decent eyesight back, and a brain I won't fear will explode on me at any second again!!!!
  6. Good luck today Gail keeping things crossed for you.. Let us know how you get on please, be nice to know as I have my clipping on the 14th of July and am very nervous about the whole thing.
  7. In answer to your question Michelle yes I have had physio and it has helped a little. Coleen how interesting that you were only in three days, I've been told to expect to be in for at least five and wow can't believe you were back at work so soon... Lucky you, I haven't even thought about going back to work yet. I do have a physical job I work in a factory and I don't think I could keep up with the pace of the line I work on. I do however still get paid for now but it won't last much longer. Hopefully they will be able to find me a job that I can do.
  8. Thanks all for the comforting words. I know that this time will be different as it will be planned surgery and not an emergency. And Jess how brave of you to conceive so soon after your sah.... Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your son x
  9. Hi my name is Julie Reay, I am Andys wife. I thought I would update you all on my progress. I had my sah on the 20th November 2015, I can't tell anyone what it is like to have a sah as I can't remember anything from that evening apart from my mum and husband asking if I was ok, My mind is a complete blank until about mid January, two month of my life lost. My eyesight is a little better now after two ops and i have started to get about a little bit now. I still have 3 unprotected aneurysm one which will be clipped and the other two will be coiled. I got my date for clipping last week, this will happen in 5 weeks time ( I am dreading it ) as I can't stand the thought of the possibility of not having my own mind again, and it seems to have taken me so long to have gotten this far. I am permanently exhausted and still have a weakness, because I had two bleeds one affected my right arm and one affected my left leg.... I really don't want my family to have to see me go through all of this again, this is my biggest worry.saying all of that I have to thank them as I couldn't have got this far without them. I am quite a strong person, and just have to laugh when they tell me some of the things that I've done in hospital. To give you all a clue as to my personality how many people do you know that would pull out there tubes in HDU and start singing "staying alive"....... Ok now I have bored you all, I will love you and leave you for now. I will post another update after my clipping (keeping my fingers crossed I won't go gaga again)
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