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  1. This is so true over who are real friends. I’ve seen some friends I hadn’t seen for ages that were so supportive. Going out doesn’t matter. Online right now can help.
  2. Congratulations Macca! 10 years is a fantastic celebration and so nice to have 8 years on the same day from your marriage! You're a great inspiration for everyone with all your help. Thanks so much, Fiona xx
  3. Hi Carolyn, Embrace the sleep to cope with the fatigue. Don't feel guilty about this as it's the only thing that will help you get better. I started sleeping for 12 hours each day, and over 18 months later I can get by with less sleep. If you want to lose weight, you don't need to stop eating. I found out how to lose weight in a strange place starting from a month's unconsciousness and starting eating from scratch. When I'm not at work, I eat what my husband cooks, using low carbohydrates and avoiding any processed food. Eat plenty of meat/fish and vegetables, but
  4. Hi Carolyn, When I decided that I could drive properly - with one eye, at the time - the only way I could progress this was to contact DVLA. Initially they said I could drive, which I did for 2 weeks. However the consultant then wrote to my GP saying I couldn't drive - because he hadn't tested me. I span out out control - having been given my lifeline back (no transport in Dumfries and Galloway), causing trouble at my work. I went private to get tested (about £200) and that fixed the problem within 2 weeks. I don't know if that would be able to help you by getting t
  5. Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve been able to make positive life challenges helping everyone x
  6. The same thing happened in February and I was checked out then, when the consultant decided it was a migraine. I think I should probably still let my doctor know so she's got it for my records. It's so weird.
  7. For all I've said, I had a migraine yesterday and I could really do without it, as it's so frightening. 1.30pm and I suddenly realised that my hand was completely numb. I knew this would be a migraine based on last trip to the hospital, but once I found my husband then I couldn't speak at all. He started panicking thinking that he'd need to take me to hospital again. I managed to find a pen and write 'migraine' on the kitchen fridge, so then he got me to go and lie down. The right side of my head and my arm/hand were completely numb, and I couldn't speak at all.
  8. Hi Lynne, I'm sorry you have to deal with this type of thing. You need to keep pestering them ALL the time. It's so difficult. This isn't about you - it's about them. Basically, the NHS is crippled with coping with COVID-19 and struggles through with the budget constraints. Currently they have people on furlough and closed procedures. My husband is waiting for a hip operation, due on 10th March - despite pen leg on the day - and it can't be scheduled. We don't want to get in the way of other procedures, but the budget management started in 2018, not in 2020, with m
  9. Veronica's post is so true - relating to my own condition. It's quite amazing. Thank you!!
  10. Hi Rajdeep Gosh, how to hit you when you are on holiday! Does it help being near your parents with the kids? I had to go to hospital 100 miles away, and I found my recovery accelerated when I was moved to the hospital nearer home. The hospital was new and it was close by to visitors, so it really helped. The journey is awful, but was worth it. Your journey is much harder. Be close to where you want to be. Good luck! You are getting better 😊 and sleep plenty 😴 Fiona x
  11. Hi Matthew Yes we definitely have fatigue, and people experience it differently. For me, I forced a full working day by sleeping at home for 12 hours. Now I have no job (contract ended) and my pattern is different. I did a lot of physical work this morning and came down with a migraine. I'm still worried about not being full-strength and I think that's why I got the migraine itself. Sleeping is good! Fiona x
  12. Hi Lynne I hope you are getting on OK. For any emergency you will be treated if you need it. In Scotland, there is a parliamentary discussion to agree for the restoration of non-emergency treatment. I'm hoping it is soon because my husband needs hip replaced. I'm afraid I don't know about stents, my aneurysm burst. I wish I had known about it. Hope you get treatment soon. Fiona x
  13. Hi Ggirl I was sedated on 7th Feb last year, and I was re-joining consciousness on maybe 28th, and closer normality on 1st March. The dreaming was weird! I was detached but people talked to me and this influenced my dreams. I hope this works for your father. I should also add that I spent time trying to escape from the bed while I was only partially awake! My eyesight was terrible too, so it was quite frightening, half dreaming. I am now fine - it just takes a long time to get better. Fiona x
  14. Hi Jean, You're so right. One year is not enough. The hard part is trying to prove that you're getting better and that you're not useless. It's quite difficult. Weird, isn't it! We have to concentrate on getting better, and never give ourselves a hard time. Thanks so much for mentioning HRT too. I definitely will consult the GP. Fiona xx
  15. Hello Mark I’ve missed this already, not looking at the right folders. Well done! Looking at this, you have nothing to worry about. Time will likely give you every thing back; - Double vision This can take well over a year to get fixed. My eyesight is totally normal after over a year. Any wine takes me back, nearing 3 degrees or 5 degrees depending on how much! -Going to bed expecting to feel better in the morning and then not Sleep always helps! -Aching muscles, I am literally wasting away and have lost 7 KG! (I started at
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