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  1. Thanks to both of you! I had no idea about the Access to work scheme. To be honest, I really think I'll be able to drive. Tomorrow I'm going to a private consultant, and as it turns out, I will see the NHS consultant the following week. A week saved is still a huge amount if it works. My doctor ensured that I'd get an appointment after she heard what had happened. She's been really nice. The downside was that while I had no control over what was happening, this impacted on my work. I couldn't control myself when I didn't have any controls over what was happening with my eyes... and my own person is now impacted in the workplace. I will need to control myself or lose everything. The positive side was that I realised last weekend that I could go for a bike without the patch over my eye! I've now done 4 patch-free bike rides without any problems. Speeding up is too much, need to stay very slow to be within single-vision. It's too soon to attempt in the car, but it's clearly getting better every week. So anyway... will find out what the story is with eyes tomorrow!
  2. Hi Louise, Well, yes this isn't ideal. I was due a check on 2nd May after a month to see if this was any better - and has shown my vision has improved then - and again on 2nd June. Has it been proven for driving? No - but this needs to be checked. Practically, I've experienced better driving by others - set in the passenger seat of many others 😳 - and scared, but not by me! The problem isn't about me, Dumfries and Galloway has zero public transport options. There are 2 trains to Edinburgh which are ignored by local transport. The only way for me to get to work is a 40-mile around trip for somebody else, before breakfast time. This means I have to drag everyone else to help me out. Without an appointment, I need to book travel and accommodation in advance to avoid huge payments. Without a support date, this would help. Nobody can help. I have no option but to try private appointments to see what is going to be one way or the other way. Better than knowing nothing! Current view of 'maybe travel/maybe not' is not sustainable - not in the like of Edinburgh Festival! This week is OK while my sister gives me her own flat - she is away just now, but when she's back, my flat costs £300/week. Driving would save this. Yes, grim!
  3. Amazing stories here! I think my own sight will take a long time to get proper vision back. I'm not too worried about waiting... so long as I can drive.
  4. Thanks everyone! Nice comment from weedrea too! Actually, I've not been good this week. The NHS refused to give me an appointment for the DVLA - supposed to be 2nd May - but impossible to get the appointment (due to a vacancy). I had started driving into June as per DVLA form, but have now been prevented by the consultant - and he can't approve or deny anything! No appointments. I'm completely gutted, leaving me in a melt-down, impacted by TPX cancelling my trains at the same time, so ended up in tears for ages Wed - Fri. Today I ended up with a migraine at work. I presume this is unrelated to SAH, maybe the stress is getting too much. Still, next week... our local MSP is on the case with NHS not doing anything. Might help, but I've decided to book a session with a private doctor - need to get past any waiting towards my driving. Right... will look up the eyesight section now!
  5. Thanks for all the messages! I must look further into the forums about eye issues with others too.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm new to the forums after visiting the hospital yesterday. I got SAH in February, which was a bit of a surprise after heading to the hospital then not knowing what happened afterwards. I missed most of February but was in a good state to leave early March. I am lucky enough to live in the countryside and could add fitness, but I was constrained by being unable to drive in an area which has no transport. Without being able to drive, I took up biking - with one eye! My eyesight is still hampered by double vision, but this is getting better over time. In April I tried to go back to work, and while I wasn't perfect at the start, I still get better every day. People are prepared to laugh with me, so that's been great. The main thing for me getting better has been to be sure to keep sleeping when required. I keep going to bed early and my work will always be OK. This week I took to a black contact lens... it's a bit rubbish but I can use sunglasses for a change! I can't help thinking that messing about with lenses has put my eyesight a bit behind after 2 weeks. Soon see. Anyway, I can still drive when I wear my patch / frosted lens. People around me have had a bit of a laugh when they have realised what I've been doing. If I can help here with anyone else, happy to do so!
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