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Hi everyone i am new here

Guest wesley_rachelle

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Guest wesley_rachelle

On Friday night my sister (23) was in a horrible car accident she has an subarachniod hemmorhage. My family still really doesn't know much about it. i have been searching on the web for info and that is where i found this. As of right now she is under sedation because of re-bleeding and blood clot rupture.


They say she is in a coma but when she is not under sedation she has response to her mother's voice and certain pains put upon her. She is my half sister so the doctors and nurses are giving her mother all the info, but she is a mess and no one really wants to ask her in fear that she might have a nervous breakdown.


it would be nice to hear from other people in similar situations. they say the way she has been improving is a miracle and barley ever seen. but every time it gets good it becomes worse. we know she is in good hands and the doctors are doing everything they can for.

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Hi there

And welcome to the site.

So sorry to hear about your sisters terrible car accident. My cousin was in a road traffic accident over a year ago I know how you are feeling.


I might be wrong but I'd doubt that she would have a nervous breakdown.

There are most certainly Up's & Down's when recovering from such an ordeal. You all have to be very strong for your sister.

I hope you keep us informed when you have the time


Take care



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Really sorry to hear about your Sister and my thoughts are with you all.

We are all living proof that you can survive a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, we all have similar stories to tell, but our recoveries have been different and some of our recovery journeys are longer than others, due to the extent of bleed and what part of the brain has been injured etc.


It sounds encouraging that your Sister is responding to your Mother's voice, keep talking to her. The brain seems to shut off after injury and I can remember barely being able to keep my eyes open, I was so sleepy.


The only thing that you can do at the minute, is make sure that you support one another, as you've all had one hell of a shock. Try to talk to your Sister's Mum and explain that you need to know how your Sister is progressing. I would think that she needs to share the burden and not carry the load by herself. You don't say how old you are?


I know from my own family's point of view, how upsetting it was for them. Emotions run riot during this sort of time and it's better to express them, than to keep it all in. Take one day at a time, as each day can vary so much when the brain is recovering.

Every small step forward for your Sister is a bonus and view it positively. Brain repair does seem to be one step forward and one step backward etc...it's something that a lot of us have experienced......but it does get better, albeit it at a very slow pace.


Love to you and your family,

Karen x

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Hi there


Sorry to hear about your sister. Like the others have said, recovery is a very individual thing and a brain injury takes longer to repair than a broken limb.


If your mum will let you in emotionally it will help you both as you can share your thoughts, feelings and fears with each other. It is important that you stay strong for your sister and although you may feel useless and that you aren't helping her, as she recovers just be there with hugs and love when shes down and needs them and smiles and laughter when she's happy.

I wish your sister a speedy recovery and your family best wishes.


Remember we're here to answer any questions we can and offer you and your family support when needed.

Above all stay strong and positive.


Love Sami xx

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Welcome. I hope you will find some help and support here in the coming months. I think that you are seeing improvement already is a GREAT sign. I agree with the one step forward one step back thing. It's a long slow process.



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