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Introducing myself - new member Sue.


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Hi my name is Sue, and I'm a 54 yr old vet tech from MN.   I developed an SAEH on 4/22/21, after falling down a flight of 15 steps.  My husband found me after approx 10-15 after, bleeding profusely from the back of my head.   I was in ICU for 3 days, and then in a regular room for 1 night and was sent home.   


I have been excused from work until Sept 1st.   I spend most of my day in my recliner, with a heating pad on my lower back.  i was also told I had a displaced L3 with a transverse fracture.  I am tired all the time, I take lots of mini naps through the day.   I have 2-3 mild headaches a day with occasional dizziness if I move my head too fast. 


I'm glad I found this forum, as its answered alot of questions.   I have my next scan Sept 14.  

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Hi Sue :) 


A very warm welcome to BTG, glad you found us.

So sorry to read about your fall down the stairs that caused your bleed, very nasty. A horrible shock for you and your husband.Thank goodness he found you. Good to hear you are resting a lot as that is what will help you to mend. Listen to your body and be kind to yourself.


You will find lots of helpful information and friendly support here. Hope all goes well with with scan on the 14th September. We look forward to hearing how you are doing. Please also feel welcome to join in the daily banter in the Green Room. 


Wishing you well with your recovery

Take care

Tina xx



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Hi Sue,

I too welcome you.  So very sorry to read about your accident.  This is such a wonderful supportive group.

It is so difficult waiting for our bodies to recover.  As Tina said "be kind to yourself"...

I wish you well as you recover and also well wishes to your husband, you both have through a lot.


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