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Guest spike1961

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Guest spike1961

Hi all

New to this group but here it goes. Had my stroke in Nov 07 ever since i have had problems with one of my step daughters. :confused: Well she is a very bad tempered ignorant person. Has wished me dead a few times, and says i am not ill i should go out and get a job. All wrong cant get a job due to my illness. She believe it or not is a staff nurse and looks after people on rehabilitation at the hospital. She is on Ketamine and other things, well it all went wrong 3 weeks ago she knocked someone off his bike, got arrested, under the influence of drugs, and in possesion. Worse than that she went out again last weekend and druged it again. But its always taken out on me, What can i do?

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hi spike

you have a nightmare to deal with and a delicate one firstly i wouldnt be in your position for anything but your health and well being is paramount

the fact that she has been caught driving under the influence of drugs and possible to supply as well means i think she will be sent to prison

secondly where is she getting the drug kettamine from this is a drug held in hospitals highly dangrous the question is, is she stealing from the hospital if she does get sent to prison she will lose her job period there is no way she will be able to work in a hospital anymore even with a conviction i know this maybe very hard but i think you have no option but to contact the matron and explain what has been going on im sorry to say that or even to suggest that you inform the hospital before the police do because they will ,her behavior could also be down to drug misuse which has got out of hand and her disrguard to you a stroke has many facets and recovery does take a very long and slowfull hill to climb i wish you well in a very difficult period

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hi there,

she has a drug problem that needs to be addressed and it will be by the courts when she attends. she may not be stealing ketamine from the hospital as it is readily available from many drug dealers these days, but one way or another the hospital needs to be informed as her addiction will make a big impact on her work which could put peoples health and safety at risk.

you do need to put yourself first and do what is best for you and it is tough if she doesn't like it. i have worked with drug addicts and there is no point in trying to speak or reason with them because when they are addicted as it sounds like she is they are pure selfish and nothing else. she may loose her temper with you because she sees you as vulnerable, an easy target. i say that because you said she started this after your stroke?

most people who take drugs do so because of an underlying cause. maybe she started the drugs because she couldn't cope with what had happened to you? in no way would that be your fault but many people do turn to drink or drugs because they can't deal with things. or maybe she just tried it and it got out of hand?

eitha way it is not your problem you have enough of your own. xx

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