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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest wesley_rachelle

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Guest wesley_rachelle

I would just like to say thankyou for whoever created this website. It is actually pretty hard to find info on Traumatic Subarachnoid hemmorhage. I think its really neat, and made my dad and my sisters mother very encouraging to look that there are people who survived SAH. Us as family know that the outcome is usually not good, but this gives us hope. I am 21 years old.


My sister suffered tSAH among many other things in her accident. Occipital Fracture, Secondary Trauma to the Frontal Lobe, Subdural Hematoma and Hemmorhage. ( Also 4 broken bones) She is improving though. When we first found out we were told a 2% chance of survival. She had 2 different brain surgeries one to stop bleeding and they removed dead brain tissue in two parts of her brain to help relieve pressure.


Yesterday she had a blood clot rupture that they also had to remove. But today they removed her neck brace and she is know breathing with life support but partially bye herself. They are going to be doing a Trach and feeding tube in the next few days. They are holding off waking her up until the trach is done so they can also take her off life support. Everyone Pray for her (Amanda)

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Hi Amanda,


I'm very glad that you've been able to take some comfort from this support site and there is always hope. The medics don't always know the exact outcome and with brain injury it's very hard to predict. We would all like definitive answers as to how we are going to end up and whether we are going to stay this way, but to be honest with you, I know now, that it's something that can't be predicted and recovery is so very individual and depends on lots of factors.


The situation with your Sister is sounding more positive from this posting and she's made it through another day. Hopefully, with each passing day she will start to get stronger and you will notice the little changes in her.

Take each day as it comes, it can be a long journey and any support you need you will find it here, some good guy's on this site who will look after you.


Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family,

Keep in touch,

Love K x

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Hey there

Am praying sweetie.

Sounds promising though that she is breathing partially for herself. The fact that they are putting in a feeding tube is good too as at least she'll be getting nutrients to keep up her strength to fight.

You hang on in there and we'll be praying.

Take care

Sami xxx

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Guest Denise

Your family and sister are in my prayers, my heart goes out to you, so young to have so much pain.

Let us know how things go when you can.


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I took your note to mean that your sister's name is Amanda? At any rate, I'll keep Amanda, Wesley and Rachel all on the prayer list! :) One of those should cover you and your sister both! And, it's Karen that created this site. What a legacy she will have.... all those people helped!



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