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Head Swoosh

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Hi everyone,


It has been quite awhile since i visited and always glad to see familiar faces/names and everyone always helping the other.  It will be 9 years for me in Apr and I can hardly believe it.  I do have setbacks and I still have the heaviness and headaches but I deal with it.  


What always knocks me back are the head swooshes i get out of the blue.  Just sitting there minding my own business and I get this sensation like I got up and whirled around really fast.  It lasts only a second and really does not hurt but it sets me back and ole anxiety creeps in.  I get my yearly MRIs so from what the drs can tell my brain is fine but it is so scary and frustrating.  


Does anyone else ever get them out of the blue?  They go away for a long time and then I get one.  Hate’m.





aka...  “i”


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Hi Iola :) 


Lovely to hear from you. Cant believe its been 9 years !

I too still get the head swooshing out of the blue sometimes. I am 14 years down the line.

It tends to be if i have been over doing it but also happens occasionally when not doing anything at all.


Like you, when this happened a lot in the early days i went to the hospital to be checked out. All was fine.

I recently had this and felt quite unwell too. I have put it down to stress , i lost my lovely Mum to cancer and been supporting and helping my Dad who also has cancer. Also have ongoing other health problems. I think it is your body giving you a gentle reminder to slow down.


Its good your yearly MRI's give you peace of mind all is ok :)


Hope your head swoosh stays away.

Take good care Iola and keep in touch.


Love Tina xx



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Hi iola 


I get them all the time they are called brain zaps and are not life threatening I have had them really bad today hardly any sleep(at work till12.30) last night then up and filling bags of rubbish early  then to tip 


Like Tina my mom died of cancer last April my dad has been in hospital since August and sorting my dads house I let mine go and the council are coming February to check the electrics 


Seeing your post has really helped me today as awful as it sounds you realise you aren't the only one suffering also it helps me remember I have had them since 2002/2003 and it helps to remember 


Hope yours go soon xxx

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Hi I. I am actually called E so I love that. 

I get brain zaps but I am only five months out. The worst is the anxiety from it but know that it us normal. It actually helps me to do some breathing exercises after I have one to calm my nervous system. That might help you too! 

Thanks for being so awesome and inspiring. 

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