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Ocular Migraines

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Hi all,

This Post is about the strange happenings that occur with my eyes from time to time, and wondered if any of you get the same. Only since my SAH, I have had this happen to me. Please look at the peice I've pasted at the bottom of the page, and see what you all think.

I get this in my eyes at least twice a month. I realise now what's going to happen, because the shape starts small, and because of this, if I'm driving it gives me time to stop until it passes.

Bless I hope this all makes since.

I searched the Internet, and found this, which is very similiar to what I get.


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Hey B

My hubby gets these and he has no brain damage (apparently LOL). He uses a MAC all day and is often concentrating or working solidly for 12 hours a day on one - he says he gets a slight headache with them but nothing major and he finds them very annoying too.

I've told him to go to the opticians and talk to them about it - as suggested in the article in the link.

So, no hun, you're not alone.

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Thanks Sami, for your response.

I find them annoying because it really affects my vision. It goes as quickly as it comes, but lasts for nearly an hour with me. I have a warning sign...there is a small "squiggly line" appears in my vision. So this gives me time to either sit down, or if I'm driving to get to a safe place, because if I didn't do that, I'd not see to drive. Strange, eh?

Thanks Sami x

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Hey hun

No worries, Paul said the same about how they start - luckily it hasn't happened whilst he's driving but he's said that he sometimes, but not a lot, has it when he's playing football after being at work all day too.

Very strange indeed but worth maybe going to the opticians hun.

Take care

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Hi Brenda,

I have classic migraines, which begin with the aura or scintillating scotoma. Anything can trigger them, but normally flickering light, light bulbs, stress, periods etc. The actual aura lasts for about 20 mins, but before then I normally experience a feeling of blurry vision and not being "all there" and lose concentration.

The first time that I experienced the aura, was also when I was driving and had two tiny kids in the car at the time, so I had to stop....it's very scary, so know how you're feeling.

I experience an aura similar to the following example:

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Hi Holly

I've not had those particular visions you're having and I don't have migraines. However for quite a while after my SAH I did get visual hallucinations when I was in the process of waking up. I would see shapes and sometimes even see a strange person sitting by my bed. My GP did not seem to think it was anything to worry about though it could have been linked to the anti-epilepsy drug I took for a few months after my SAH.


Anne x

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