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Moms recovery after brain bleed

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Hi everyone, first time poster here.


My mom suffered a left side hemorrhagic stroke on 3/4. She had a bleed and her drain was just removed this past weekend.


Today She was moved from Neuro critical care to the standard Neuro care unit. She has no right side movement and is having a hard time speaking. She’s eating on her own which we understand is a plus.  We weren’t notified of her move until we went to visit her.


My question is, she had a few large aneurysms that weren’t addressed in critical care because the goal was to get her to stop bleeding. Now that she was moved, I’m concerned her aneurysms haven’t been addressed. I know she has a long road to recovery but I was hoping the doctors would at least provide us some more guidance.


Another challenge she has is that English is her second language.


She seems to be more responsive when me and my Brother go there and ask her things in her first language. The hospital rehab isn’t ideal and I’m really not sure where to start. Am I able to get her transferred into a different rehab ? Does she have the option to continue care without getting those aneurysms addressed?


I’m venting/ reaching out because I’m just overwhelmed with what we need to do next.


Critical care was on top of it always calling us and keeping us informed, now that she was moved it seems like she’s left to fend for herself.


At todays visit she was in a cold room with a sheet and laying so uncomfortably. We could barely find a Certified Nursing Assistant to answer any questions let alone a doctor. I’m so frustrated with this I’m honestly not sure where to start.

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I am so sorry for all your mom and your family are going through.  Being in a hospital and more so a Neuro ICU is a lot.  My family found it overwhelming and not always understanding all that was happening.  My adult children were so distraught and my husband was worse. 


Eventually things seem to clear for them but don't hesitate to stop people such as the all those treating your mom and ask them to explain even if they already did.  It is a lot..I found the nurses to be a great resource.  I felt like they were my protectors.


Do they have translator services for your mom?  Don't know where you are located but where I live USA they do this now on a pretty regular basis.  Through a machine or hooking up with a live person on the phone who is a native speaker.  It is helpful.  


Again don't know where you are located and can only speak for where I am but you can have a voice in what Rehab she goes to, with the problem being they have to have a bed for her.  

I am glad you found this site to reach out, we are here for just that purpose.  The people on this site are amazing and offer so much support.  


One last thing I will add from my own Neuro ICU and rehab experience is that I found my voice to be very small through a lot of it...I could speak but I wasn't really speaking up for myself, just letting things happen.  Reason I write this is I am thankful for my families voices and awareness.  You are doing a wonderful thing for your mom, my thoughts are with you.




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Thanks for replying. We’ve told the hospital multiple times that my mom requires a translator and they continue to tell us “she responds to us” responding and understanding aren’t the same. I finally demanded a translator today but I’m not sure anything will be done. My mom can’t speak because of the aphasia. She’s helpless and I can only be there so much to help. 

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Hello :) 


A very warm welcome to BTG. So sorry to hear about your Mom.


Like Jean i also was very grateful for my family speaking on my behalf. I would personally make an appointment to see her Consultant. Write down all your questions and worries so you can hopefully get some answers and know the way forward. So very frustrating and worrying for you and your brother.


Good to hear you have demanded a translator. This will make your Mom understand so much better what is going on. Very stressful and scary for her, also for you xx


I really hope you get some answers and help for your Mom. 

Please keep us updated and remember to take care of you xx


Thinking of you

Tina xx



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Hi all, today we were told she’s “refusing therapy” I asked how that was possible if she’s not being asked in her language. I asked if they could be there when I’m there and they said they will try. I know this is going to be used against her if she wants to leave the hospital. This is so frustrating  

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It really does appear that your mum does not understand what she is being asked/told and so is refusing all. She must be very frightened. If you are not with her I wonder if you could be spoken to on  the phone and you, in turn, translate over the phone for your mum and then relay her answers to the staff still over the phone. I realise that could be very awkward but it is the only way I can think of if there is no interpretater available.

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