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I am now 6 weeks after my NASAH and doing pretty well. I was just sitting watching my son play sport when it happened so not doing anything strenuous or stressful at the time.


I still have a few headaches now but nothing that bad really. They doctors also found an incidental tumour in my brain on the scans so another worry but think it is something that has been there a while and not really growing.


It is my anxiety that is really getting to me as to why this happened and can it happen again and has made me feel so low and down that I am finding it hard to pick myself up.


I am hoping to start back at work again soon on reduced hours but am also worried about that too and whether I will be able to cope now.


Is it normal to feel so stuck in the  here and now that you cannot bear to look at anything going forward due to worry and is this something that will pass as I get back to doing more?

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Hi there everyone has that fear of it happening again with some it goes over time others it stays with them and never leaves but does get easier to live with.


I had mine 20 years ago this September I have returned to work this last year full-time but it has taken all this time to do it partly because of having two children after the sah partly because of the sah and everything it left in its wake headaches dizziness anxiety 


Hope things keep improving for you and you to have many years of happiness xxx

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Hi there

Anxiety is normal after an SAH - have you considered talking to your GP about counselling?  I suffered exactly the same as you and was diagnosed with PTSD, which is perfectly understandable.  I was referred to a counsellor and it's the best thing I did.  Felt so much better after a few sessions and the anxiety practically disappeared. 


I preferred counselling as to me meds are OK, but they mask the symptoms rather than getting to the root of the cause.  But it's whatever gets you through that matters, but definitely have that conversation with your doctor.

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Hi Lily...As said above it is typical to worry about it happening again, I sure did.  I even was skeptical of the doctors when they told me it wasn't likely.  


You are very early in your recovery..it is such a shock not just to our bodies and brains but also to us emotionally, it just turns everything upside down.  It takes time.  Where I went to rehab had a therapist come in and talk to me and while it was helpful because it made me understand that anxiety and even ptst are seen after such events, it was too early for me I wasn't ready. 


I am five years out now and did go for therapy probably about 3 years after my event.  It was very helpful but I do wish I hadn't waited so long haha I never found the perfect time but I am glad I went.  I also practice mindfulness and visualization.  They are helpful to me and help me rest my thoughts. 


I wish you well as you recover.


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