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Double Vision

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Evening all, went out for a second time since SAH, spent four hours at Telford Town Centre, had agreat time apart form the fact that I am suffering with constant double vision since my SAH. You don't see people in front of you and everywhere seems cramped. Does anybody else suffer with this since their SAH or have they had it fixed. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Cheers John

Sorry its a late night log.

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Hi John :) Yes i had double vision for a long time.....about 18 months badly.... hospital tried to give me glasses with patches etc...just made me feel sick...but does work for some people and is worth going to see an eye specialist. My eyes were not working together properly, but are now :) Sometimes still get blurry vision now and balance goes haywire, especially if i am tired ! It does improve over time .... i still bump into things sometimes...but much improved now at 2 years down the line. Hope this helps.

Love Tina xx

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Hi John,

I had a third nerve palsy to my right eye and when it opened, the eye was out of alignment with my left one and hence the double vision. It has gradually corrected itself over the years, but I still suffer double vision when I look to the extremes and also when I'm tired.

They wouldn't operate on me to re-align the eyes, as they felt that the op might do more damage then good.

You can patch one of the eyes over to stop seeing double, if it becomes too much, especially when you're walking about ... you can buy an eye patch from most chemists and it certainly does help. If you use a patch, then you need to patch over alternative eyes, or as I was told, eye muscles can become weak. Hope that makes sense. If you wear glasses or sunglasses, you can always try patching over the inside of one of the lenses temporarily with something like Micropore which is a sticky surgical tape which you can pick up from a chemist or even supermarket to block out the vision of one of the eyes.

Are you seeing or being referred to an Optholomagist? If you're not, then I would get in contact with your GP and ask for a referral, as they should be able to help you out with this problem.

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Hi John,

I am sure your double vision must be very frustrating for you. I think any part of the body that doesn't function as it did before SAH is such a nuisance. I did not personally suffer with double vision, but if you have read my story you will know that since my SAH I have suffered from "flashing lights" which I likewise find very annoying. They can last anything from 2 minutes to half an hour (more often the latter) and I really can't do much until they have subsided so I do sympathise with you. Hopefully other members who have posted and have had personal experience of double vision will have given you some encouragement in that it appears to improve with time.

Take Care,


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