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Fifth Year Anniversary (SAH on March 6, 2018)


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Hello my dear BTG friends.


I hope you are starting to see signs of Spring.  I am a little late in posting my 5th year anniversary which was on March 6th. I am so thankful for this group. Everyone's posts and comments have been a great source of inspiration, information and support for me over these years.


The month of March in particular has left me feeling more discombobulated. We recently returned from travels overseas and it has certainly been more difficult recovering from jet lag. We traveled from Colorado to Italy joining my husband on his business trip and also during William's Spring Break.


We had a lovely time in Florence and Pisa except when delayed because of airline strikes in Munich with our connecting departure flight from Florence to Munich. Our flights home were canceled twice and our departure delayed for three days. William (13) didn't mind missing school.


I don't do well with unpredictability and change so struggled on those days so much so that my eyes brimmed with tears.  Also, I had forgotten to take extra medication with me and had to purchase some at a local pharmacy. I had taken pictures of my prescriptions so that helped. It was very easy to get what I needed and not too expensive compared to the pharmaceutical costs in the USA. 


I would say that this past year has been more difficult. Maybe getting older (66 the last day of March) makes my fatigue, memory problems and generalized anxiety and confusion even more pronounced.


Healing is never as neat and tidy as we would like it to be. It's not linear. It is a journey of both progress and regress. We each know this all to well. Together, we are making it. I have a heart full of gratitude and grace for each of you.


Love, Kathy (Colorado, USA)

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Congratulations Kathy on your 5th year anniversary :) 


Here is to many more and thank you for all your caring posts and support to others :) 

Great to hear you had a lovely time in Italy, but sorry you had all the delays that caused you stress.

I would have been the same as also dont cope well with unexpected change.


Belated Happy Birthday 🎂Hopefully Spring will make everything feel better xx

As you say....together we are making it :) 


Take care

Love Tina xx



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