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Returning To Normal GYM Life After Traumatic SAH

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Hi all! Im 19 and after a fall at work I suffered a traumatic SAH, I spent 5 days in hospital following a small operation to check it was not an aneurysm, which it wasnt! I'm now around 3 months into recovery and feeling great! I dont suffer from any headaches and feel in myself I'm back to normal a slight bit of tiredness here and there but nothing where its affecting my life at all.


I'm a big gym goer and haven't been since my fall but I'm just seeing how everyone paced theirs? I have been in contact with the doctor who looked after me in hospital in which they said I can do light cardio 3 months in then move onto light weights 6 months in and slowly pace myself from then but if any point I get lightheaded or get a headache from the gym I have to go back to light cardio and again slowly build myself back up to weights.


I was just seeing if there was anyone in a similar situation where they got next to no side effects 3 months in and how they went about going back to hard gym sessions and training like they did before their SAH. Thanks, in advanced!

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Hi there


I used to do intense cardio 3 times a week - never into lifting weights though.  I'm nearly 17 years post SAH and I still cannot tolerate high intensity cardio - it makes my head pound too much - but I have two coiled aneurysms.  For about 18 months after I could feel a pull up into my neck and head when I lifted a heavy shopping bag too.


I'd speak to your GP to see what they suggest - but don't rush straight in - might be better to build gradually from light weights after the 6 months, but get the OK from your GP or Specialist.

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