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Surrendering Driving Licences

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Hi Zoe I am not sure if this will work but here is a link for surrendering driving license. I filled a form in on the internet. I do believe after an SAH you should surrender your license until you get the go ahead from the hospital to drive again. Hope this helps Maggiex:redface: Oh it did work....lol I am a novice at these matters!


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It's down to each individual or their partners to contact the DVLA, as the Doctors/Consultants don't do it for you. You also need to declare the SAH to your Insurance Company or you could find your insurance invalid and therefore, not insured to drive. I believe that an Insurance Company cannot discriminate, due to disability and will not increase the premium, but you do need to let them know what's happened and also let them know when the DVLA have declared that you are fit to drive.


I was never asked to surrender my licence, but was advised not to drive for 3 months. There's a lot of different criteria between each SAH patient .... whether you were coiled or clipped .... suffered seizures etc.. so each person can be categorised differently, so you need to contact the DVLA, as one size doesn't always fit all, when it comes to driving post SAH.


There are quite a few posts on this website about this subject matter, so would advise members to do a Search .... you can find the Search button at the top of your screen. xx

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ZOE1ZOE1ZOE1 (Ooops sorry wrong caps were on) ! I think you answered your own question about Richard's driving at the moment. To be honest if he is just at Haywood Rehab working on his low concentration levels and as you say as he is left paralysed, which on a manual car would be the clutch pedal controlling the drive of any vehicle....well as I said you answered your own questions.

In response to your first post I was preparing my own experiences with the DVLA and my own driving but I'll save it for another time.


The DVLA never give you a simple answer to any questions regarding the Legal Requirements for driving, other than one charming Lady whose name is witheld who I certainly owe her a bottle of Champagne.

Points of interest regarding driving Licenses.

I have been driving on my full License for in excess of 1 year.

After my SAH I did not drive for 3 years.

I never surrendered my License.


If Richard surrenders his own License then think of the implications whenever the time for his driving is appropriate again.


The DVLA can not seize or cancel any License.

Only the Police and the Courts can cause a License cancellation.

The DVLA can only make recommendations for Medical reasons when supported by Doctors and Medical persons.


Subarachnoid Haemorrhages are included on the Medical reasons not to drive.

You will be pushing your luck without a minimum of 1 year 'clear' of any Seizures or Epilepsy additional medical complications.


Once the DVLA have been informed that a driver has had an SAH, ensure that you are clear to drive again by the Medical Board is in possession IN WRITING.

Hopefully that clarifies my own position on driving.

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