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Lots of similar articles about this today, Karen I found one on The Guardian Mailing and there is a feature on the BBC News site. Just guess who will have a copy in hand when I next see my GP and when I see the consultant neuro surgeon next week! He is I think looking at my results from the Angio and I hope he will also say when I am being admitted again! Lots I want to talk to him about poor fellow;-) Especially the additional annie they have found:roll:

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Hi this Apirin thing has now worried me for a couple of weeks since reading various things on this site so i spoke to Addenbrooks on wednesday and the nurse practitioner who is my line of comunication said "Oh Mr Kirkpatrick would have everyone on aspirin who's over 50 if he had his way,he'd have me on it if he had his way, but Mr Higgins (the consultant radiographer) he give it to his patients for only 6 weeks". I asked if there were any underlying reasons why Merrill was prescribed aspirin and she said "no" but Merrill will take them for the rest of her life because Mr Kirkpatrick believes that is the way to go I then said to her should she continue to take them and was told yes because Mr kirkpatrick believes that when there has been any vascular illness you should be on aspirin.

My thoughts on this today is that while i have the greatest respect for Mr Kirkpatrick i am questioning whether or not to leave Merrill on aspirin as this seem a no brainer to me,Also their comments were that once the annis are dealt with then they don't anticipate any more problems, so why the aspirin?

would i be wrong to take Merrill off the aspirin because i think he has made a bad decision or do you always follow the consultants advice whatever, be interested to hear a few comments on this please Thanks Rod

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Hi Rod.

Firstly, no one who has written anything on this site is medically qualified to say if Merrill should be taking Aspirin or not and it appears that the medical community is deeply divided on this subject. For the record, I take daily aspirin 75mg prescribed by a stroke consultant. I queried why I was being prescribed aspirin when my notes clearly indicated I had had a brain haemorrhage and was given a satisfactory answer, at least one that made perfect sense to me, so I continue to take them rather than believing what the newspapers tell me.

As for taking Merrill off aspirin, you should get a qualified medical opinion on that. No one here can advise you.



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Hi All

Just a quick one I have been on aspirin for years even before my aneurysm and was told to continue. No one even hinted that aspirin was in any way a contributory factor. I have seen numerous consultants and GP since my aneurysm and none have even suggested I be taken off it so I continue to take aspirin without the slightest concern. Although I have concerns with my clinicians at present as far as drugs are concerned I take their advice and ONLY their advice.



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Hi again yes i agree that the medical advice is there to be listened to but in merrills case the consulant in charge say that she should be taking aspirin because of a vascular illness to aid the blood flow because of the coiling and the consultant radiographer who carried out the coiling says he only puts his patients on aspirin for 6 weeks and the gp says i don't know what the consultant wants her to take ask them so i spoke to the consultants nurse practitioner and she give's me both opinions and leave me in a very uncomfortable place .

I'm sorry if it came across that i was asking anyone to advise me (which on reading it again it does) but it was more comments and opinions that i was interested in not advice.

thanks Rod

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Hi Rod,

I can see that you're caught up with the conflicting info ...... Might be worth calling your GP explaining the conflict of information that you've received and insisting that he/she should phone up the Consultant and get some answers and the problem sorted?

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