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can anyone tell me why some people have anigograms at 3 moths 6 months and some not at all starting to get really nervous about thursday which is my 3 month anigo . Thoughg i still have ghe heart consultant to see on wed whichim also nervous about nothunglike getting stressed out lol

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Hi Donnamarie, I am sorry not to be able to give you standard answer as I believe it depends on each individual case and which Consultant you are seeing.

I went to Stoke and have had an angio at about seven months after my bleed. But as things were doing nicely I do not have to go back now until my 2nd year anniversary next November.

I must confess I am the sort of person who likes to find out if anything is going on rather than not knowing.

I hope everything is okay for you next week, good luck.:wink:

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Hey Donnamarie,

As John said, it really must depend on each individual case. All you have to do is read what everyone else has been through on here and although we are the "same", we are far from "uniform".:wink:

I had a scan at the two month mark , mine was just to check that my stents were ok and performing correctly.:-D

Please don't stress, it is just not worth it. :nono:

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Hi Donna,

As the others say, don't worry yourself! To be frank I am more worried that I haven't had any follow up as yet. Had my SAH on 17th June and it is a little scary not to have been seen since discharge from the ward on July 2nd.

On discharge I was told I would be followed up within 6-8 weeks. When I chased this up at 10 weeks I was told they (2 Nurse Specialists) only work part time, plus it is the holiday season and they do have "thousands" of patients - I wasn't even on the waiting list for an appointment! They were very upset at me chasing them (defensive) and said "you make it sound like we have abandoned you". I told the Nurse that was indeed how it felt to me.

However, I have been told I will be sent an appointment, and will have an MRI at 6 months and then 2 years - no mention of angiograms as yet! Maybe it does depend on individual cases, but I'm guessing there is a postcode element to this too.

Don't stress yourself Donna, try to be reassured that they are keeping a close and careful eye on you and let us know how you get on.

All the best,



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No post code thing I dont think It depends on each individual case.

I got an angio every few years then finished off with a MRI.....

Mace, its uaually around the 3months mark they want things to settle down which is why its not done before that...

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I know what you mean about getting stressed out by it all Donna, having felt the same, but whilst angios are not the nicest things in the world, they are only done to check that everything is ok and do come to an end. I don't think there are any timescales set in stone - I had my check up one at 4 and half months following my initial coiling, having had my first consultant appt at 3 months, so I think it must all depend on the individual case.

Best wishes for Thursday and also your Wednesday appointment.


Mace - I'm sorry to hear you were treated that way when you chased them up - the mind boggles!! Hope you get an appointment through soon.

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Hi Donna

I had my follow up angio at 12 months. But I had my vertebral arery coiled as well as the aneurysm. It really depends on the treatment you reiceived, I think, I don't believe it's a post code lottery. I think most people who don't need a follow up angio have been clipped.

I was really nervous and I mean really nervous! But it wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought. Actually the worst bit was being back in the hospital and having to deal with memeories that had been forgotten! But I don't need to have anymore angios or appointments as my artery has shrivelled, so it was well worth it!

I was supposed to have a follow up outpatient appointment at 12 weeks post SAH but it turned out to be 20 weeks post SAH! But I work in a hospital and know how a thing like annual leave can cause havoc with appointments!

Try not to get too stressed and all the best for Thursday.

Take care

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