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Babies after SAH

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Hi Jo,

It's something that you need to ask your Doc really or Neuro Consultant as to the effects of the SAH or any risks during pregnancy .... I would think that if you'd had a history of SAH, then they would keep an extra eye on you.

Jess has had children post SAH, so I'm sure that she will give you some advice when she next logs on. xx :-D

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Hi Jo

I'm only 31 now and was 27 when my SAH happened. I have no kids and no plans for any but after my SAH I started to change my mind......every case is very different and I know Jess for definite will help and will give you encouraging news. I however, have been told that it would be very risky and they have advised me not to. I asked why and was told that because my SAH was the carotid artery that it would be really dangerous. I am really upset about it but just have to be thankful to be alive I suppose.

Sorry not to be more positive- I'll leave that one to Jess!

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Hi there jo yes i have had two children since. I had them both natuarly, however they may tell you that you will need a c_ section or something i would ask your doctors. I only had my firsst because i realy wanted children and i hdn't got any so i had nothing to lose but my ns after my first said i could have as many as i wanted. Jess.xxx

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