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Bang on the Head.

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I am sure like all my fellow SAH colleagues you have paranoid feelings about a bang on the head. I am super cautious when I get in the car, if I pick anything up off the floor and am near furniture. I just seem to make every effort to avoid a bang on the head.

That was until Wednesday evening, I was at my daughters in Worcester and had been working on her PC which is stored in a small under the stairs cupboard.

I repeatedly took care to make sure that when I came out of the room I ducked to ensure no impact with the low door frame.

I took my mind off the ball for a split second and went crashing into the frame striking my head just off centre and just missing my wonderful VP Shunt location.

Then started the what if I have caused another bleed. I worried all night. My head is still aching and its Friday night. Common sense is telling me that I am okay but at the time it was a battle.:wink:

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Hi John sorry about your head try not to worry the bangs to the head I've had since to many to count lol. I can understand why your worried however it's probaby the worry making your head worse. Try not to worry it will be ok. Jess.xxx

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Crikey John, I felt that one for you! I too have banged my head and worry about causing a re-bleed, but telling me not to worry doesn't really cut it in the wee small hours when you are alone with your fears does it?

Take care of your bonce, and if necessary wear a crash helmet! Hope your headache has cleared now.


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I certainly know what you mean. I am still terrified of banging my head especially on the site of my VP Shunt as I feel that the bone is very thin there.

The fear of having another bleed has all but disappeared now though, it is just my drain site I am wary of, 6 years down the line, even though it is of medical opinion that an assault by being hit on the head caused my aneurism to change dynamics and burst.

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