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Codeine was a big no no for me - I was advised to take it with paracetamol (ie at the same time not two hourly inbetween) amd I ended up back in hospital with an analgesic headache - they said that I shouldn't have been given the codeine to take for two weeks.

I refuse to take it now purely because of the bad experience I had.

Hope this helps

Sami xxx

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I took it for a week and it turned me into a zombie, I felt quite dreadful while on it, Id only take it again if I was in desperate unbearable pain.


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I have been on co proxamol which is codeine based and have found no problem. Unfortunately the government is withdrawing them as too many people are committing suicide with them. I have tried other painkillers but no good and as I also have spondylosis and co proxamol has been a relief and I have no intention of killing myself so I feel they should be available but thats a matter for another website.



(Original posting from Ninja)

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I was on paracetamol and codeine continuously whilst in hospital post SAH. After I got home I used it only when necessary if paracetamol didn't reduce the pain to bearable levels which was most days in the first couple of weeks. I still use it very occasionally (5 months post SAH) if I have a really bad headache as a supplement to paracetamol. It usually spaces me out, so I try to only take it at bed time.



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