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my Angio results

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Hi everyone hope yous are all well? I have not been on this site to much recently as i have not been feeling to grand after my recent follow up angio.

Sorry for not replying back sooner to yous all to let yous know how i was doing

I posted that i had an infection in my groin site,and pain down my leg and went to see my GP and he said there was an infection ,and i would need a course of antibiotics to clear it up. I took them even though they were making me sick and i literally felt like s*** with them.

I finished the course, leg was still hurting, so i phoned specialist nurse at the hospital were my angio was performed,she told me to come in next day as the radioligist wanted to check my groin site and leg.

In i went and he was quite happy said the infection had cleared but could not see the connection with the leg pain and the angio, i told him i did not have any pain before this was done , and i do not have any back problems as they were asking me what i done for a living. Think after telling them i work with care of the elderly, he thought that the years of lifting and laying could be the problem.

We use different aids to help us move patients ,and do not lift so i knew he was wrong

I wasnt out for blood ,i was only looking for reassurance that there wasn't going to be any possible long term problems, or if this pain would settle down.

This was my 5th formal angio and i have never had this problem before, up to now the pain has settled a good bit and i have managed to get back to work

I recieved my results in the post and idont know how i feel about them, the letter stated that 1 of the aneurysms at the back of my head is still showing a tiny amount of filling at the neck of it.

I will need another angio in 2 years so they can monitor it, i keep telling myself that they cant be to concerned about it or they would have me in sooner

Any input from anybody that this has happened to would be most welcome

Take care all xx

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Hi Angela....i am sure as Jess has said that if they were the slightest bit worried they would have called you in or would certainly get you back earlier to check on it. I do feel for you, what a worry and as you say you just want some reassurance that all is ok. If it was me, i would give your Consultant a call and ask him to talk you through it again to reassure you. Sending you hugs....take care love Tina xx

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Hi,Angela do go to your Doc/ consultand/spec nurse and get some kind of explanation that will at least put your mind at ease. I would go along with the others and say thay can't be too worrried but it's understandable that it's concerning you alot so go get some answers.

Good luck hun,get back to us when you can.

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Hi when Merrill had her Angio last year (another due 12th October) the doc came to look at her just before discharging her and her groin and leg and part of her stomache was as red as Santas suit, He said "good heavens if thats still red like that tomorrow take her to see the gp, we then left and when merrill got in the shower at home it all washed off, it must of been something they used to steralise the area, does'nt really fill you with confidents does it

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