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How to read your blood pressure?

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I have a blood pressure monitor at home. I have just tried it out and it reads 114 over 71. I have tried to read the manual which came with it but have not managed to work out how to tell if it's normal or not. Why are there 2 lots of numbers rather than just the one? Does anyone know what these two numbers are relating to? If it were to read one really high niumber and one very low how would I know which is good. eg. 400 over 25 or the complete opposite of 85 over 200. Anyone cllued up on this?

Sally xx

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Hi Sally,

BP readings come with 2 numbers as bob said:

-- the top number is the systolic pressure = the peak pressure when the heart is beating

-- the bottom number is the diastolic pressure = the pressure when the heart relaxes

Both are important. If the pressure in the arteries is too high , they can rupture and cause a bleed. High diastolic pressures are bad too because it means you have sustained pressures in your blood vessels and will make your heart pump harder.

BP varies from person to person. For some, a BP of 130/90 is high for them and they start feeling symptoms. For others, 180/90 is nothing. For persons at risk for bleeding/rupture, we in the ICU generally want to keep systolic BPs less than 140.

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Thought I'd Do Mine Tonight Haven't done it for Ages Now But use to 6 times a Day on a Good Day, I even took it places if I were out for Longer than a Few Hours :( Almost an OCD

Now, Like i said, Haven't for ages and it read 154/64 Pulce was 60, Though It does and Can go Lower.

Which for an Overwieght Smoker Who had a TIA Ain't Bad ..... is it?

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