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Advice Please - DLA

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Hi All,

I have just had a large brown letter through the post, I don't like the brown ones. As I thought, its a new DLA form for me to fill in. I can claim due to having a condition called Blepharospasm in my eyelids, where they spasm and close, and I can't see where I am going quite often. I need guidance and help walking outside. After my first Annie I lost most of my sight in my left eye, which I also told them about last time I put the claim in. They even rang me for a chat about my eyes, as they had never heard of it, I should have given them a leaflet about it, but did'nt have one at the time. I do now so one will be enclosed.

Letters had to be written from two Doctors, just to even get it. They gave me the low rate for mobility. I had it starting in June, and today's letter said it is due to end in Feb 2011.

Ok fine, I will reapply, but this time I have to mention my second Annie and the SH that happened, in Aug.

Just wondered if any of you have or every claimed for a diability, due to Annies or SH.

Thankyou for any advice, I will so enjoy filling my lovely long form in, but I will be doing.

Just been told that the dustbin men will not be picking up our bins up from outside our doors after today. You can only get help if you are disabled. Is that another form I will be dealing with shortly.

They are having a laugh, it must be the cut backs.

Love Sonia xxxx

If I want to claim again fill in the form again.

I am just wondering if now

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fill it in now and claim and tell them its due to run out and when because you have had other happenings in your life which has made it more difficult for you

also contact the council and say you have sight problems and other disabilities they should come and collect from the house good luck

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Sorry Sonia and Paul , but I have to disagree with sending it before the finish date. Two months ago thats exactly what I did. It was due for enewal in December. Last month I got a reply informing me My renewal was unsuccessful, AND they had changed their last decision and stopped it with immediate effect on 13th October.

Certainly, I didn't have any new issues to report, and I would think that should make a big difference, however if you are still in receipt of it at this moment, I would advise waiting a little longer.

Sally xx

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Thanks Paul and Sally,

I think like you say Sal, I will leave it to nearer the date. It will take me that long to fill the flipping thing in. I had a extra form last time I did it. So I have copy of what I actual sent them last time.

Love Sonia xxxxx:crazy:

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