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Guest Hannah

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Hi all,

I have been lurking and catching up with the posts since I was last on. Well.... its now been four and a half months since my mum's SAH and she is still in hospital. Finally the arguing to get into the rehab hospital have paid off and she is now in Norwich. I haven't been able to post so much as I seem to be on the road alot between Cambridge and Norwich. The rehab place seems ok, a little institutional but much better surroundings and staff who really know what they are on about - which is all that I have wanted throughout this.

My mum still can't walk but the doctors are pretty sure that she will be able to with their programme. Its pretty intensive there, which is good, she spent alot of time gazing into space in the acute stroke ward and here there are activities to do inbetween trerapy.

The doctors are working on pain meds at the moment trying to find the right balance and sorting out the mess that the last hospital left in terms of drugs. For the first three months she was on asprin, codeine, anti spasmodic meds (which led to halucinations) and unecessary anti deps.

Its still a slow process but slowly there are changes for example her now being aware that her memory is lacking - (before she was VERY unaware of her limitations) apparently this means there is something that the neuro psychologist can work with. We still have moments of sticking on a subject, a bit like a record getting stuck, for example, alcohol. She has been told that she cannot have a drink for 12 months as its a 'brain poison' .... which make her want a drink all the more. Its not like she was a heavy drinker but she sounds like an alcoholic!

Louise is right, there is a timetable on the wall much like at school and the time passes quite quickly apparently. The staff there are great, I don't know where they get their patience from.

I have been reading with interest the dis-inhibition posts as to a certain extent mum is affected by this. It is like she has no internal monologue, everything she thinks comes out of her mouth no matter how offence it may cause to people who are unaware of the condition. There is also the slight sexual inhibition which bearing in mind I'm her daughter, I really don't need to know the ins and outs of ...so to speak.

Being so far from home in Norwich means that she can't come home for the day at the weekend, but as from next weekend we can start short trips around Norwich. She REALLY wants to go clothes shopping, for a woman who can't always remember want she had for lunch she can remember my dad offering to pay for a few new outfits about a month ago... and she knows there is a wallis shop in Norwich. :)

All in all, we're getting there albeit slowly

Take care all


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Hi Hannah,

Thanks for the update on your Mum, sounds as though she's making good progress. At least your Mum will be kept occupied, which will do her good, rather than being left to stare at four walls.

Hope that they can get the medication issue sorted out for her.... I know that I've had some problems with meds and felt that it's hindered recovery....I seem to suffer more side effects from drugs since the SAH....prior to the SAH, I seemed to be able to take any meds and I can't remember anything affecting me. Now, I think twice before taking anything.

The dis-inhibition subject is an interesting one. I'm lucky not to have suffered it .... and I wasn't very aware at all of sexual dis-inhibition, until one of the members (a carer), asked me to write something for the site and I started to research it. It's good to be able to openly discuss it and it shouldn't be seen as a taboo subject...it must be extremely hard on the carers, having to deal with this situation.

Wallis is one of my favourite shops.....your Mum has good taste!:lol:

It's pretty surprising what we choose to remember ..... hope that she can do the shopping trip, it would probably perk her up no end!

Love to you both,

K xx

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Hi Hannah

Really pleased to hear things are going a lot better, yes thinking back I dont know where the staff at the re-hab I was in got their patiences from, I hope that once the meds are better you'll see more improvements although its terrible that the other hospital have done that makes you think.

Take care of yourself


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Hi Hannah

Really glad that all your hard work has paid off for your mum.

My step daughter suffered from hallucinations when she took codeine, so its seems likely it could be a side effect of that.

Retail therapy I find is still one of the best medcines around :D

Take care

Sami xxx

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That's great news. I'm very impressed with the progress!! It probably doesn't seem like much to those of you who see her daily, but it seems to me like great strides. That is so cute that she remembered about the clothes!!! If she's unable to go out, maybe someone would like to shop for her like I do for my husband... that is go buy several outfits, have her try them on, and return what she doesn't keep. I do this with Jack and he gets all proud and says "I shopped!" :roll:



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