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Advice for keeping well?

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I was just wondering if anyone has been given advice on keeping well post-SAH, especially if you have a second aneurysm which hasn't been treated? I was told not to go deep sea diving post SAH (unlikely that I would have considered it, in first place!) and advised not to smoke and have raised blood pressure. Apart from that, nothing else.

I would still avoid any type of strenous exercise like lifting weights and I didn't go on a spa day with friends as was a bit worried about sauna and steam room (though don't know why).

I was just curious if anyone else had advice or avoided doing things now?

Warm wishes


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Hi Anne

I don't have a second aneurysm but I do have some restrictions. They believe my SAH was inherited because of the family history and the flaw in the artery that caused the aneurysm to develop could be in another artery. I had a SAH 12 years before the anuerysm ruptured (I thought I'd had a migraine!) and they think it was caused by an artery dissection and then the aneurysm grew from that. My aneurysm was dissecting the artery and that's why the artery was coiled.

So they keep my blood pressure just below "normal". I have been advised no alcohol and I have to stay away from smokers. Both alcohol and smoking can cause arteries, in suseptible people, to clog and put pressure on the artery wall. I also have to stay away from caffeine as it can raise your blood pressure. What I was told about blood pressure going up was that this will increase volume of blood within your arteries and again this will put pressure on the artery wall.

My restrictions are more about reducing the risk of developing another aneurysm but seem very similar to yours.

Sorry I can't of more help.

Should have added that I'm not allowed to go to the gym but that's because of my blood pressure. I can't swim because the stroke has affected the mobility in my left arm. So I walk. But again because the stroke affected my left side I can't walk very fast and at first couldn't walk for any length of time but I've slowly worked that up and now can walk for an hour. I also walk to work which is at the bottom of my road and at the bottom of a very steep hill! I do that 4 times a week and every Wednesday (my day off) I go for a long walk.

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All I was told was to drink 3 litres of fluid a day and rest, and strictly no smoking!

I drink quite a lot of tea every day, and have switched to decaf t-bags to aid the fluid intake, and I have squash at work and a pint glass, which helps me drink more water. And I don't really drink alcohol now. I had 2 glasses of wine & soda and half a glass of bubbly new years eve, but have not wanted to drink much as I feel dehydrated when I don't drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks...

I am on the Slimming World plan to lose weight, and managed to get back to the gym about 6 months ago now, although I hadn't been since November I have now got back to the gym in the past few weeks ;)

I do lift some weights... and wasn't told not to... :oops: but I do what I feel able to, and did advise the gym assistants what I'd had...

I think I still try to do a bit too much, but I do rest if I need to :)


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I haven't any restrictions on excercisebut my Gp doesn't wnt me to do anyhting very areobic so I will content myself with swimming , some wieghts to tone my upper half & walking/cycling/stepper when I go o the gym. I o try to drink more now as I don' drink enough. i have started taking a multi vit & iron every night & I now feel less fuzzy headed & have not been poorly since August (touch wood). I do rest a lot more & listen to my body, when i'm tired I go to bed early!

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