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Don't give up! ESA decision "revised in my favour"

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I'm so excited (as some of you will have seen on Fbook) because I got a letter from the Jobcentre saying I don't need to go to Tribunal any more, because the decision has been "revised in my favour" and I have been found to have Limited Capability for Work! So happy!! They say they will write and tell me about arrears etc separately.

I can't tell you how happy this made me. The psychologist was very angry at the ESA doctor for failing me, so she was one of the first people I told (well, left a message for).

I still feel like maybe I'm a fraud, and maybe I should be pushing myself to get back to work, but I know that the GP and psychologist, as well as my partner, tell me to take it easy. Financially, I would rather be working, but I have come to realise I'm not back to "normal" yet.

Anyway, don't give up hope if you have been turned down for ESA. Get the MP involved, get medical reports.... it's worked for me!

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Well done Jen!! :-P:-P:-P

You may not be able to work at the mo but you have a great fighting spirit and have won your battle with this and are doing well. Hopefully in time you will keep improving and be able to return to work in some capacity.

Take care

Kel x

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Fab! Fab! Fab!

I am so pleased for you. Nice to see that common sense has prevailed. Excellent result.

You are not a fraud at all and to be honest, very few people are within the welfare system.

The media and politicians have done a lot to damage the principle of sickness benefits and it breaks my heart to hear people believe they are doing something wrong when they are legitimately claiming what they are entitled to.

Remember this statistic the next time you hear people talk about 'spongers.'

Welfare fraud is very low, at a measly 1%

9 billion is unclaimed in benefits every year through people not knowing they can claim a particular benefit or because they are too scared to be labelled a cheat.

When I hear people talking about 'benefit cheats,' I always broaden the argument and point out that if we are going to be talking about all misrepresentations at the expense of the public purse; then this country loses more money in tax avoidance (£25 billion) and tax evasion, (£160 billion.)

Sickness benefits is a very important provision for this country. It is an insurance policy for us all.

You have been through a lot and it is entirely appropriate that the country looks after you whilst you are healing.

I am very happy for you,

Lynne xx

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i just got accpeted too. i feel like im doing something wrong and stil have to fill out forms waitin on medical :roll:where they will prop fail me this stresses me out so much :frown: Im 26 now and this is the first time ive ever claimed anything !! i just cant understand how some people in the newspapers can be ettin 40,ooo a year etc :devil: and there is nothing wrong with them im getting 60 a week and feel like its a lottery win at the min from 250ish a week its some diff my hubby had to take on a second job :frown:


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Keep positive, Donna!!

Thank you ladies :) I know I'm not a fraud really - I got a bit cocky and did stuff 3 days running.... and ended up in bed early last night and slept all morning :( Of course, now I'm wide awake at 1am. Hey ho.

I am supposed to be doing some typing for the respiratory team at the hospital, and have an appointment tomorrow to see the secretary (a friend) to discuss what they need doing. And having pushed and pushed for this I'm now terrified. How on earth will I be able to do 3 hours/day, which is what they need?! :( I could do with the money though, and you're allowed to work 15 hours. I haven't even told my partner because I know he'll go ballistic, but frankly, we need the money.

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