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Hey there - Amelia


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Ive already posted a story in the SAH discussion, but i thoguht id introduce myself here.

I am Andrea, i am 19 and currently studying Criminology at university. (second year)

My mum died of a Subarahoid haemorhage, cerebal artery aneursm on the 19th of december 2010. I miss her so much, but im getting through the days because my mum wouldnt want me to be glum and doing nothing.

So i searched in google for a place like this, and i am so glad i registered. I love this place, your all so brave and supportive.

Thanks for everything,

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Hi sweetheart, and welcome to BTG. I'm so sorry you lost your mum like that - and just before Christmas too. My daughter was 19 last year when I had my SAH and I have thought a lot about what it would have been like for her if the outcome had been different.

I'm glad you have found us (I didn't see your other post yet)! If you need to talk, you have found the right place. Let us know if we can do anything. Take care!!

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Hi Andrea,

A warm welcome to you! I'm sure that your Mum was extremely proud of you! :-D .... we all live on, in our children and I think that our children are our greatest legacy and it's a love that's totally unique and so very special..... I think that's the same for most Mum's ...

If there's anything that we can help with, then please feel free to ask ... Sending hugs to you ..xx

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thanks for the welcome :)

Yeah its a great subject. I love it.

yeah it was devastating, mostly because i came home from working a busy sunday, and found her. It broke my heart.

thanks :)

Yeah your right Karen, and yeah i think she was proud of me. She was always proud of me and showing me off to her friends, proud of me going to uni and having a bf that is extremely sucessful. So in a way its comforting that she died knowing i was okay, knowing that i will always be okay.

I just miss my best friend is all.

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A warm welcome to the site.

I hope you find some comfort here.

Things are very recent and raw for you, so it is important that you allow yourself time to heal properly. Don't feel the need to rush your emotions. You are allowed to react to what has happened to your mother. I am very sorry that you have suffered this at such a young age.

There are a few members here who have lost loved ones and I trust you will find some comfort from them and that you are able to share experiences.

I have found it of enormous comfort to seek the company of those in a similar situation to myself and I have also commenced counselling.

Whilst our experiences are different, (I am in recovery from a SAH,) we have both experienced a traumatic event and need to take care of ourselves while we getting better.

I have acquaintances who have accessed bereavement counselling and they say it has been a helpful mechanism to steer their emotions.

I look at counselling as handing over my 'mixed bag' of problems to a professional; and they put my problems in some kind of order, which makes it easier to work through. It is not a magic wand, but I am able to make sense of why I am feeling a particular way.

I am sure you will find the method which works for you and I wish you well in doing so.

Lynne xx

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Andrea, I'm sure that your Mum was very proud of you .... Us Mum's are like that! ....:wink: I'm lucky with my two children and feel extremely blessed to see what they've achieved .... and they're both well grounded and happy souls.... My eldest son Chris, is now 24 and helped me to set up this site and my youngest daughter is a year older than you, 20... she will be 21 in September and I thank my lucky stars for each and every day that I've been able to spend with them. It's certainly been a tough ride for both of them ... We've kind of learnt to live for the day now, but it's not something that any parent would want to see their child go through... I had a warning bleed at 38 and the full whammy about 4 years later ....

Hope that you have good family and friends around to support and comfort you ...... PS: what does bf mean? xx

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Helo Amelia and so sorry to hear that your Mum died from her SAH. I know that my biggest worry was what would happen to my daughter if I died because she relies on me so much. It must have made your Mum so proud that you are doing so well with your life and she can rest easy that you are ok, even though you must be missing her terribly at the moment.

Vivien x

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I can't say I know exactly what you're going through, I don't know what I'd do without my mum. But my mum collapsed a few days ago and was admitted to hospital after suffering a haemorrhage. I'm terrified. I'm only 18 and I know how horrible the whole process is, we got so close to losing her and there's still a chance she won't make it. Just wanted you to know your mum is in my prayers, as are you. I'm sure she's very proud of you.

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