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I've been reading the thread about coughing and coils moving, but my worry is coughing so hard it causes another burst aneurysm.

My mum has flu and is on antibiotics for a chest infection at the moment and she is always coughing. She keeps complaining about headaches and tonight she said it felt like a bomb in her head. That really worried me. She is also taking lemsip and cough medicine.

She had a shunt fitted in August 2010 and was supposed to have a post op scan after 3 months but we haven't heard anything from the hospital. In fact its been a year and a half since her SAH and she hasn't even had a follow up scan.

I keep telling her to visit our local hospital but she keeps saying she'll be alright and shes had enough of hospitals. She is seeing the GP in a couple of weeks but I can't help worrying in the meantime.

Another worry is that since the shunt her memory has come back but since her flu she seems forgetful again. She took a paracetamol and forget she had taken it 10 minutes later.

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hi bessie

im pleased mum doing ok im sorry she is having problems i think you should ring the gp and ask for a home visit just to put your mind to rest i would also ask him to chase up the hospital in regard to the follow up i shouldn't think there is a problem but the gp could put your mind to rest i don't think mum should wait for two weeks that is what they are there for good luck

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Hi Bessie

Lets hope this can get sorted.

I have read that your Mum is taking Lemsip and Paracetomal--I'm not medially qualified, but I do know you don't take both together, you could be taking an overdose without know, as Lemsip has Paracetomal in it.

Please take care

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That used to scare me too, but my GP said to me once that a double decker bus couldnt shift them....mind you, you'd have another problem:roll: I did see the funny side & since then it hasnt bothered me half as much....

Keith's right about double paracetomal.....& if your on BP meds you cant take lempsip or any over the counter remadies either....

I agree with Paul too, about rining the GP, and tell Mum I'd had enough of hospitals but it puts everyone's mind at ease....

take care.

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Thanks - Shes alot better and the flu and chest infection have almost gone - although it was pretty bad lasting about 20 days.

She didn't take the medicines at the same time and left several hours before doses. She'd soon tell me if I gave her too much - shes got very bossy since her shunt :-D


We've had to make another appointment to see my mums GP as the doctor who did the home visit cannot do anything about chasing the hospital, so we are having to wait until the end of the month to see my mums usual GP (so we've been told)?

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