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My Sister

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Guest wesley_rachelle

i just thought i would give an update on my sister, it has now been 2 months, she is still in the TRACU at the hospistal she has had a alot of complications, menengitis, staph infection and they are having diffulculties controling her tempature. They are also having a problem controling the amount of CSF in her ventricles. They put in a cerebral Shunt, but the next day they had to go and re-position it because it wasnt draining the CSF around the brain and yesterday they had to re-posistion it again and they also put a drain back out of her head again. She had massive injuries beside the tSAH she is going to re-learn everything. They do not consider her in a coma anymmore. They think she see's with double vision. She responds to simple commands with thumbs up or down. She cannot talk. But if you tell her to hold up 2 fingers,or stick out your tounge, or wiggle your toes or smile she will. She seems to lost most of the function in the left side of her face. They were worried about how much memory she would ever retain, but she remebers all of her family and if you ask her how old Addison (her son) is she will hold up 4 fingers(he is four) So she is improving alot and all the doctors are very impressed. Time goes bye so fast and her recovery is so slow. I look at her and i think she looks like she should just be up and talking and walking because thats what i want and remember. I find it hard to coupe, especially cause she has a 4 year old and you never know how much she will recover, or if she will be able to take care of him again. Its weird how you just adjust to the issue its like one week she was with me taking or boys to the park and the next week are family is in tears because she is holding up two fingers. Its weird how she is now like a child and i doesn't seem as odd as it should. Im trying to just accept that this is how she is and its ok to want her to recover, but i cant make her recover and there is not really much i can do accept it and be there to support her. Im trying to stop feeling so guilty when i am trying to have fun, i always feel like why should i be having fun ? when she is lying in a bed barley even here with us. But overall she is still alive and thats amazing on its own and i would rather have her here re-learning than not at all!!!!

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Hey there

Glad that your sister is making some progress. Don't feel guilty for having fun, I'm sure your sister wants you to be happy and enjoy yourself.

You're sounding more positive which is good and it will rub off on your sister.

Thanks for the update and I'm sending best wishes and hugs

Sami xxx

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Considering how poorly your sister was and how much more she's had to fight off, she's doing really well. Hopefully when they get her on an even keel and she has less to contend with, then her recovery will begin in earnest. I can't believe that 2 months have passed since you last wrote.

Like Sami says, don't feel guilty about enjoying yourself....that's what life is about and she would want to see you being happy. That's one thing I craved after the SAH....that people would stop being sad around me and go off and do the normal stuff, not mope about. It used to make me feel guilty for having the SAH if I could see how badly it was affecting the people that I loved. You will be doing her a favour.....and who knows how far your sister can progress in the next few months....don't ever lose hope that things can get better, she's young which also helps.....your sister has a small child and us Mum's will fight tooth and nail for our kids. Kids do spur you on and make you fight.

So glad that you've let us know how she's going....you're obviously very supportive to her and love her very much. Do have fun and don't feel guilty about living, as she needs you to do that for her.

Take care, sending hugs,

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Hi there

Yes thanks for the update, no dont feel guilty enjoying yourself it takes great strength in being possitive all the time you need to chill out & I'm glad your doing it.

They said I would be 80% disabled & I'm not I'm 80%+ able there's always hope & the improvements in 2 months have been wow as you say you rather have her re-learning than not at all!!!!

Keep looking after yourself & having chill out times.

Take care


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I always love hearing about Louise's recovery rate. I am sooo proud of her. She really showed them!!! Your sister's progress is very impressive too. I think Karen is right. As they check off the multiple problems stacking up right now, her body will have more ability to begin the brain recovery. As far as her lying in bed and your having fun.... my own experience in intensive care I found to be such a gift really. While I was not feeling well, it was such a pure sense of rest knowing I had every good reason in the world to let everyone else care about things and JUST REST. Believe me, that's what she wants right now. So your having some breaks from the stress are well deserved and she is doing what she wants and needs to do right now. Hang in there. And thanks for the update!



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