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electric wheelchairs v mobility scooters

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Can anyone help?? As most of you know my mum is wheelchair bound from some rare calcium deficiency illness that keep her in hospital for 5 months. She now has much more confidence and has started going out with a 'carer'. It's fine when it's me or whatever cos I can push the wheelchair but now my sis has had her baby she can't push the pram and wheelchair at same time. So she wants to get something that is motorised. it needs to fit in the car so must come down. We've been told that will probably have to be a scooter but then it's choice between 3 wheels and 4. Does anyone have any advice on which is best etc??

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A 4 wheeled scooter is much more stable than a 3 wheeled one and the larger the wheels the better but you may have difficulty finding one that breaks down easily to go into the car. They also have weight limits. Plus it is often difficult to negotiate round shops unless of course it is a supermarket.

Personally I think a motorised chair would be the best option.

Do not take into account what disability shops tell you, it is a rip off culture that will sell you anything that makes them the biggest profit, suitable or not. In fact Mobility suppliers are being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading.

Your mum needs to be assessed by the professionals. Ask her GP to refer her to Wheel Chair Services, stating the problem and saying she wants to be independant, who will assess her and possibly also supply one at nil cost, a chair not a scooter.

With her own transport it is possible that in time she will be able to get out and about on her own.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Laura

I've PM'd you a link - hope it can be of use. Maybe later, it could be posted on this site.

Most shopping centres or high street shops, have some sort of mobilty scheme.

But I can your Mother wanting a little independance.

Depending on what sort of scooter or wheelchair is required, is also a factor in, will it fit in a car. Some of the lightweight scooters are very good, lots of them breakdown into 3 or 4 sections.

The motorised wheelchairs, might mean changing the car, as a lot DON'T breakdown into sections.

So on that note, I think a Scooter will be more suited for your Mother. Again as well as 3 or 4 wheels, there are indoor & outdoor requirements.

The link I sent you, explain a lot more.--Don't forget, your Mother might be intitled for a grant to help with purchase price--again this should be in the link.

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Hi there! Well, I've not had the experience of an electric wheelchair but I have used a mobility scooter via the Shopmobility scheme in town, and it was wonderful - very liberating when I was so tired I could hardly walk anywhere. I would recommend a 4 wheeler because they are much more stable. Maybe mum could sign up with a Shopmobility scheme locally first? That way she could try out different ones and see how she feels about them?

Good luck!

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My mother had a 'Pride' motorised scooter - 3 wheeler - easily dismantled and put in the back of the car. She puts us in mind of the actress in the series 'Benidorm!'. I would advise a four wheeler because its more stable, especially when going down a dropped curb. Simply Health, formerly known as HSA have retail shops specialising in mobility products so there might be one local to you.

Hope you find this useful!

Happy Birthday by the way!!

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