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Bloodshot eye

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I would like to ask 2 questions.

1.) My mum has a bloodshot eye, the side her coil and shunt is fitted. Well she actually had another one 2 weeks ago but it cleared up. This one though is pretty bad. Should we be worried? Is this connected to her SAH?

2.) After her shunt op in August 2010 it said on the discharge letter that she would have a post op follow up in 3 months. We haven't heard anything so my dad emailed the clinical nurse at the hospital but are still waiting. How long is usual for a post op follow up?

Sorry if it seems I only come on here to ask questions but I can't help worrying and I don't have anyone else to ask except on here.


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Bessie, I can't answer your question, as to whether this is linked with the coiling etc., but it's the first time that I've encountered the problem on this site .... but I have recently burst a few blood vessels in my hand and this has gone on for many years and way before the SAH.

Has your Mum been rubbing her eye? I would certainly go and get your Mum checked out, especially as it's happened a couple of times in the last few weeks.

Post op follow up, seems to vary time wise .... would advise that if you don't get any joy from the Consultant, that you contact your Mum's GP, as they should have a copy of the discharge notes on their records and they should be able to chase it up for you.

Hope all goes well and try not to worry too much...xx

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This is interesting, because I've often had problems with the eye on the side I had the aneurysm. Once it was inflammation but then I had recurrent burst blood vessels. They checked my BP but it was fine, and then they checked my clotting, which was also fine, and I was told I must just have a weak vessel in the eye (they also checked I hadn't been lifting heavy furniture, or been coughing a lot or straining to go to the loo...).

Strangely enough, the Saturday before my SAH (on the Weds) I had another burst blood vessel. Apparently the surgeon told my partner there was a link, but I've never been able to clarify that....

I'd definitely get mum checked out at the hospital eye clinic, but burst blood vessels in the eye are pretty commonplace, so try not to worry until told otherwise! Oh, and the last time it happened to me was this winter when I got that awful cough that was going about... I coughed so much and so hard, and sure enough, I burst a blood vessel!

As for post-op follow-up, that does seem a long time to wait. As a medical secretary, my advice would be to contact the Consultant's secretary and explain what's happened. She should be able to see on the system if an appointment has been made and you've just not heard about it; or she might have to go and get your mum's notes to show to the Consultant so he can check what was decided on discharge. Mum might just have fallen through the cracks. Sadly, with the volume of work on everyone's desk, it happens....

Good luck!

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Hi Bessie,

I'm sorry, I misunderstood your post. I have re-read & see your mum was also coiled (I thought I read clipped).

I haven't had bloodshot eyes though. My son had a shunt fitted in January and we were told the surgeon would review him in March - appointment has come through for mid April. I know this is still less time than your mum is having to wait but I understand your worry & frustration at not getting an appointment for when you expected one.

Hope all is well for you & your mum x

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hi bessie

im sorry about mum's bloodshot eye it could be non related to the sah blood vessels seem to have their own life one thing i did notice with lin who suffered very bloodshot eye on the side of the sah her right eye i did ask the dr to investigate he passed it on the opticion who checked lins right eye it turned out lin wasnt producing enough tears in her eye causeing fricton and causing blood shot eye they precribed lacrelube artificual tears which is on precription which has cured the problem big time and lin has benifited very well so have a chat to the dr and if he cant help get an opticion to have a look at mum take care

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Thanks all (again!)

I phoned NHS Direct as my mum wouldn't go up the hospital until they said to her it was best if she got it checked out. So for the past 4 hours we have been in A&E and were seen by the doctor who said she had a subconjunctival haemorrhage which is not related to her having an SAH.

He was very reassuring and said it would fade within 2 weeks.

We also had an email from Kings and she has her follow up appointment for next week. It sounds like it was booked in weeks ago but we didn't receive the letter, so not sure what happened there.

I think I'm always going to worry at any little thing she has since all this happened.


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