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I just wanted to check in and thank everybody for their support at the time of my mothers death, this was my original post:


I find it incredibly difficult to even read it, I think about her all the time, dad still isn't doing well but we're getting there. I wanted to thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and ask you again just to pray for my mum, just to make sure she's okay wherever she is, I love her so much and just hope she's alright wherever she is. I'm afraid the past events this year have affected my faith and made me believe a little less. I find it hard to pray, but then I know if I don'tbelieve then she might be in the unknown. I'm sorry for not making much sense

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Hello Anna, I have often thought about you during this year and I thank you for posting an update. Many of us on here would have prayed and thought about your mother and family during that awful time. There are few events worse than the death of a mum. It is understandable to feel you have lost your faith as you'll be grieving for some considerable time. Anniversaries and Christmas will be challenging, so it is important that you look after yourself and keep the family bonded.

It is very natural to wonder where the soul goes and to question will they be alright. I have often wondered that too. I will keep your mother in my thoughts and prayers.

I don't know how young your brother is, but I know of a lovely comforting book called 'Waterbugs and dragonflies' which explains about death to children. I cried when I read it the other day - it is a beautiful comforting story - and offers more a prosaic interpretation on death and where we go.

You haven't mentioned whether you're receiving counselling? This would really help you to come to terms with your grief and loss - to unburden all the pain and sadness, and to help you to plan ahead for the future. I remember you were interested in applying for University??

Sending you lots of love and courage for the road ahead!

Anya xx

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Hello Anna,

I've only been on this site since July so I've only just read your story.

It's heart breaking.

I wish that I could say something that would help to ease your pain.

For me the loss of loved ones is like loosing a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces left don't quite fit properly together.

Look up to the stars at night and send your love to your mum through them.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Hi Anna, I remember you telling us your story and feeling touched that you came on here during that heartbreaking time. I have often thought about you, so it's lovely that you have called by again. It must be so difficult to lose someone so close to you, especially someone like your Mum whom you obviously loved so much. I have heard the organisation "Cruse" are really good for supporting people who have been through a bereavement which may be of benefit to you, your brother or Dad.

I too wondered if you managed to get to university. I wish you well on whatever path you take and don't forget you are always welcome on here.


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Hello Anna

The grieving process is a very painful one, which can be overwhelming, but you will get through it and some day you will find peace. My daughter lost her first baby earlier this year which has caused untold pain in our family. But the minister who conducted the funeral said some wonderful words. She said at such times it was usual to have a crisis of faith and to be very angry with God. This was ok because he has very broad shoulders and it's His job to accept this anger. She also said to ignore anyone who said that it was His plan that little Frances be with him, she said He would never want to take a child away from it's mother. So it would never be in His plan to take away such a loved mother and wife.

It's such a painful journey but you will get there and one day when you think about your mum it will comfort you. I'll keep you, your family and your mother in my prayers. Take care.

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hi anna

bless you for thinking of us i know what you mean about losing faith as much as it hurts it very slowly gets less painful i found that out when lin collapsed it will take quite some time for everyone including dad to come to terms if you would like let me know and i will pm you with my number god bless sweetheart i think mum is looking after you and dad and the family and will do for many years to come hugs and cuddles darling

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