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What benefits can i get

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Hi i dont know all the benefits i can get I had my sah in July 2011 but now have epilepsy since dec 2011 I do get esa and had to fill in the medical formi also get dla so only on low rate wating to get middle for my husband as my carer as i dont feel safe going out on my own my doctor did say i shouldnt be left alone did tell dla but im not sure what else i can get probably nothing but you never know



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Hi Moonlite,

If you contact Citizens Advice they should be able to help you & give you info on all the benefits you may be entitled to. It is a bit of a nightmare when you first start looking into benefits. I found it very confusing! It is best to get help from people who know all about it.

Good luck!

Michelle x

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Well we went to CAB had to make appointment 2 weeks later so spent a total of 2 hours plus payed Parkin of £5 to be told we can get £4 a month off council tax an now just rang to see if we get any help to be told we earn to much my girlfriend works 15 hours a week an I get ssp you all know what I'm thinkin

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