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Hi Im not too clever at this but here goes.I've just had my 1st anniversary of my SAH,2nd May 2011.We had just said Bye to our visitors when I had a sudden pain in my head which got worse and worse I had to sit outside for a while,I needed fresh air.I went to bed but vomited all night.By mid morning I could'nt get fluids to stay down so I had to seek help.Any way I ended up in hospital awaiting a endovascular coiling op.My stay in hospital was only 7 days and uneventful.Made good recovery really.I just wasn't prepared for the aftermath. I have never known tiredness or fatigue like it.I get up ready to do such alot but by the time I done breakfast and washed and dressed I'm useless.The fatigue sets in and I can't do or think about anything.After a year I thought I would be back at work'as a hairdresser but I don't think I'll ever do that again.I'm having to re think my whole life.The headaches are continual and the more I try to do I just get confused.I try to do the weekly shop but I find by the time I'm at the check-out I can't concentrate my husband has to take over.I don't go out on my own any more I am not sure I could cope.And that black cloud that comes down suddenly and maybe lasts for afew days is horrible but when its gone I feel like myself, old self that is, may come back again someday.That's all for now luv pauline:-D

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Hi Pauline & welcome to BTG. I totally understand the black cloud although mine is more anger than depression but since being on anti d's its got a lot better.

Just sharing on here helps enourmously & you don't feel so alone with your thoughts & feelings wondering if you are normal for feeling like that. I am lucky in that I found BTG quite soon after my op otherwise I don't think I would be so together now!

With regard to the fatigue I try to rest as much as I can but now on a good day (yesterday) I can get quite a lot done but on a bad day I get nothing done at all! shopping wise I do mine all online, once you have your main bits set up (milk, cheese, bread etc) its quite quick to pop them in your basket. It also means I can go back & review what I've ordered & add things I've forgotten. I must change it at least 10 times or more before the day it comes. In my opinion the delivery charge is well worth saving my energy & time in store.

Looking forward to hearing more from you soon, take care hon xxx

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fatigue is my curse also - 20 months in and it's still my biggest problem. Don't try to do too much at one time - your body won't let you any way so listen to it. That is you telling yourself you're not ready to tackle that task yet! it's very hard, but let others d oit for you, I bet you've done loads for them over the years. Don't run before you can walk. It's a long walk but as someone said on here - even the longest journey starts with a single step - you'll get there in the end. If you look very closely, I'm just a bit further up that same road as you - keep going girl - you'll make it


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