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Twitchy Eyes

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Since my SAH...my eyes seem to itch more...also I look like I am winking ie...I feel my eye twitch....

looks like I am winking....lol

Has anyone had this ??? not unduly worried but enough to post !


WinB143 x

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Win, my eyes started twitching 10 years before my SAH. I have wondered though if it is related, was it a sign that something was wrong. It's very subtle, I can feel it happening and if I'm quick enough to look in the mirror before it stops I can see it but people don't notice it. It feels like its my whole eye! Can be either one. But it's not, it's just the skin underneath or ontop and just a tiny bit of it twitching about. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with stress, just happens whenever.

Sandi K.

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Hi guys,

Eye twitching can be caused by stress, tiredness, medications etc.

It can just be muscle spasms. However it can also be a sign of something more serious.

If it persists I recommend that you see an Optician or your GP.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Too much computer I guess lol...anything better than going to Docs.....I will go as it will relax me and put mind at ease.....

cannot see what I am typing took GG's advice got large dark glasses on...lol ~ Hello l Anyone there ?? joking xxx

Love you all

WinB143 xx xx The 3 musketeers Sandi GG and SL...lol..bagsy I am D'artan thingy cannot spell other bit of name...

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Hiya Win,

I don't get visibly twitchy eyes (I don't think it's visible anyway!) but they do jump around a bit when I'm reading or watching TV. I used to use my bookmark to mark the line I was reading but stopped that after a while because I felt like I was about 4 years old :lol: It's definitely more pronounced if I'm tired.

Dawn x

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I think it is tiredness....Wink wink...lol...not as bad today...think it was the winky stinky diet I was put on.....lol

Coil and passport control.....my head sets alarms off in shops..lol in case get a letter from Docs.. but you should be okay Dawn..if alarm goes off

just say dive dive..oh no you are going by plane ha ha....hols soon be here 3 days til Monday and you go on Tuesday xxx xxx

Have a smashing time.....and don' overdo the drink..lol


WinB143 xx xx

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