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Newbie- issues with eye floaters flashers and balance....

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Hi Everyone

I have recently found this site and hope that anyone can let me know if they are experiencing what I am after my brain bleed with no cause i may add....

I suffered a bleed in my right temporal lobe, 4 month ago and stayed at Leeds LGI for a week to be monitered because the bleed had happened 3 week prior and after seeing 7 differet dr at my gp surgery and not being diagnosed with anything, I finally went to the optitions and they rushed me straight to LGI as i had swelling at the back of my eyes from the bleed. The neuro surgons are saying its a sizeable bleed and have had 2 ct scans 1 with dye, an angiogram and an mri with contrast, nothing detected yet apart from the blood that is hanging around and breaking up.

I just wanted to ask everyone how you felt after the bleed as 4 months on, I feel sick, dizzy, eyes seem to dart etc and just feel spaced out like when i walk im in some sort of dream world, also have blurry vision,lots of floaters and flashing lights and balance issues! I am 30 years old, just turned 30 after the bleed infact so not good being 30 so far, i have a 2 year old son and the whole thing has just turned my life upside down as all i do is worry. I am even seeking counciling for anxiety as i am so afraid that i will have another bleed.

I returned to work and work at a desk on a computor all day, and have issues concentrating what with the dizzyness etc......so im back on the sick for now.

Will i EVER be the same again??

I really would love to hear from anyone who may have these symptoms and is this normal???

Thanks guys

Love Bev


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Welcome Bev, I am glad you found this site. Much useful information here. I had my SAH in Sept 2011, I just now have been able to "read" and "write" with intention. I saw a neuro eye Dr. for vision loss - which I have in both eyes but right eye is worse. I have had floaters, flashes for a couple of years. I also had an episode what felt like a sprarkler going off in my eye about 6-8 months prior to SAH. You are still very early in your recovery and I am glad you are seeking counseling. Many on here have children. I hope you have a wonderful support system set up. I could not of done it without my wonderful husband, family and friends behind me 100%. But this site is what keeps me sane!

Good Luck. Mary

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Hi Bev and welcome to BTG.

Sorry to hear that you've had a bleed. I'm sure that not knowing the cause does cause some anxiety, but I think the stats for it happening again are very remote indeed. Whilst you mention many after effects that you now have, it is, in terms of sah recovery, very early days for you so there is still plenty of time for improvements for you.

I can't recall exactly how I was at 4 months (it'll be 4 years in Nov for me), but I personally didn't have the symptoms you describe, (although there will be others who have) apart from the flashing lights which started after my bleed too and unfortunately I still have episodes of that to this day.

I wish you well in your recovery.


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Thanks for your reply! I think a lot of my symptoms are due to anxiety to be honest, I have just totally changed as a person and struggle with this, thinking that I should be ok, but at the end of the day, we have all suffered a serious condition, and i need to accept that my brain will take time to heal. I just wish that people could also understand that just because I look ok on the outside doesn't mean i am better now!

Its this spaced out living in a dream that i struggle with,like a clogged head, but maybe it is a mixture of the bleed and over thinking stuff!

Im so grateful for this website and reading others stories!


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Hi Bev

I drop in from time to time, but don't post often - mainly when I want to give a new member a positive spin.

I suffered a non aneurism SAH on January 5, 2012 and made a full, complete recovery within three months. Most of my symptoms resolved between the sixth and eighth week. My bleed was large and affected my right parietal lobe area, mainly sensory issues such as sight, hearing, spatial,awareness, visual mapping, sense of touch, fine motor skills, but no neurological issues. Migraine-like head pain for five weeks straight, then it got better. I returned to driving and most actives, such as cycling, golf and hiking starting at week seven. Back to work and the gym at the start of June with no problem.

The only recall I have of unusual floaters were prior to the bleed when I woke up from my second cancer surgery and noticed a huge floater. I told my surgeon about it right away. He thought it was odd, but likely not related to the surgery. This occurred ten days prior to my bleed. I no longer have this large floater, but quite a few small ones, but then again, I had floaters prior to all of this. They don't bother me.

Anyhow, I may be unusual here, but perhaps there are more of us around, but not everyone visits or joins up in a support forum, especially if they have no issues or need. I found this site to be a lifeline for my early days - full of information and kind people. Take advantage of that if you need it.

Fast forward to today... I am almost seven months post SAH and have completed my cancer treatment. I am considered cured and all of my specialists have signed off for both events. I am now getting back to life as I know it and I don't think about the SAH much, only in the sense that it seems surreal - did it really happen? My photos prove it did - those taken in the early days of recovery. I am a very happy person since all of this. I got through some difficult and challenging times, but made it to the other side. I am living among the healthy again with a special awareness of how precious life and good health is.

Take care and believe you will get through this and get well. Stay positive!


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I went to Docs as my eyes always seemed to itch...like I had bits of debris floatiing in my eyes is the only way I can describe it....

They gave me saline solution for itchy eyes....it works so ??? lol

Keep remembering how you was..and how you are now....keep going forward ...

Good Luck

WinB143 xx

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I had all the symptoms you're describing at 4 months. Now I am no longer dizzy 24/7 which is SUCH a relief! My perceptual eye things happen only at the end of the day now on occasion. I also had/have really bad anxiety about many things. I did start seeing a neuropsychologist for that after about 10months when I realized that I couldn't handle it on my own. I remember being very frustrated that I looked so normal and that people assumed as such...but I felt awful all the time. That too has gotten better. There are actually times when I don't think about the trauma or aspects of dealing with SAH now.

I found wonderful support here on BTG and I know you will too. Just remember that at 4 months, it is so early and you will improve...I don't know how or when, but you will improve from this point.


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It is such a comfort to know that it's not me going mad and these horrible symptoms r after effects of having a bleed in my brain! I am so grateful that u have all replied and kris u sound like u have had the same symptoms as me and found it all just as hard to deal with.... I am going to join a gym this week and swim and do yoga to try chi me out. It's all the not knowing that's done me and the dr and neuro surgeons just have a get on with it attitude but sometimes I do t even feel like I'm on this planet and it's a struggle to just get on with it. I need to return to work too soon something which I'm dreading coz I just don't feel 'right' but who knows when I will.

Wishing u all well



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