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Do you get signed off at hospital?

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Hi Guys

I hope you are all well. I just have a question please if you could help out??

I went back to see the consultant two week ago and he didnt have the radiologists report for my recent MRI but looked at the images and said that he can not see anything so believes that it was something that has blown itself up and sometimes they may never know whats caused the bleed and that I should call his sectary in a week to get the radiologists report which i did and she was on holiday, so Dr Phillips (neuro surgeon) called and left me a msg to say that report is bk and there are no vascular abnormalities and no tumours and he will speak to me next time, and when I have called hospital, I am on a waiting list for a clinic appointment....??? he has also scheduled me in to see the eye clinic for tests!

It just seems that nothing is ever clear,could this be because im not in any danger and as i have now had 2 CTS one with dye,an angigram and 2 MRI'S one with dye which only showed the bleed and clot that was left to dissolve (& on last mri this was nearly gone, area healing well apparently) so they are just leaving me to it? and do u think that the eye tests are to see what the damage has been? and do u eventually get signed off with consultant??

I havent officially been told whats caused the bleed? maybe coz they dont know???

There never seems to be anyone to ask questions like this to as my GP doesnt really know????

Any help and advice is appriciated....



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Hi Bev, I think many of us are in the same boat. The unknown is very frustrating.

Sometimes I feel like I saw the school nurse, she put a bandaid on and sent me on my way.

I imagine the eye tests are precautionary, I didn't require any of those.

I got the same results back as you, no vascular abnormalities and no signs of a tumor. We are in a class of our own, the twilight zone. :)

The good news is it does get better. I still dont have the answers I would like but I am starting to cope much better every day. I would write down the questions you have and submit them to the consultant and the GP.

I only saw the neurosurgeon while he was doining the angiogram, he came out of the room and said, " no more bleeding, chances of it happeneing again are slim, you are good to go home"

I am still here after 15 months so I guess he was right :D

Ask all the questions you can. Hang in there and enjoy your time at BTG we are a fun bunch, some of us are more daft than we wer prior to SAH and others are more subdued than we were before. But we all share a common thread.

CHeers Carl

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Hi Bev and welcome we have lots of members who have bleeds with no cause found and its not unusual to be signed off from the Consultant after a few months. Recovery is a very individual thing that can happen over months and years. It sounds like the treatment you've received so far has been quite good with the number of scans and things and also your referral to eye specialist.

I think even those of us who have had procedures still worry quite a lot that it might happen again but these feelings do get better with time. I hope that you find by reading previous posts that you're not alone and any questions shout out there is always someone who can offer reassurance. Wishing you well with your recovery and look forward to hearing more from you.

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Bev, the floaters you have could be debris left after the blood cleared if it forced its way into your eye.

At least you are getting the problem looked at and not just being left to get on with it.

In my case there was debris left in one of my eyes after the blood that had forced its way down my optic nerve had cleared causing near blindness in that eye.

He could just be checking that you have been left with no debris there. That can be cleared if that is the case.

This is just speculation and until you go to the eye clinic and ask why you are there you cannot be sure.

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Thank you for your kind replies....we are all in the same boat it seems:crazy:

Penny, that's interesting, i didnt know that it could do that, my goodness, another thing to worry about! im able to see, its just there are lots more floaters that ever and my eyes appear a bit hazey and shimmery if that makes sense??! Can I ask how did they clear the optic nerve? I had the vision field test done at my optitions, and it showed some areas at the top of my vision that appeared to be blacked out, I took this report to the consultant,so maybe he is following up???

Oh I can tell you something, I do sleep better knowing im not on my own! I love it on here!!:wink:


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Hi Bev, I was also sent to an eye clinic a few weeks after SAH. I can't really remember why, so it's possible that it's routine? One of my annis (the one that bled) was just behind my left eye so that may be why I was sent. I also lose bits of my vision when my headaches are really bad so it's possible that's why the referral came about.

Sorry, wish I could remember more clearly. Perhaps your GP will know why you have been referred there.

Good luck

Michelle x

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It is called Terson's Syndrome and the debris is actually in the back of the eye. Info here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terson_syndrome and http://www.sarawakeyecare.com/Atlasofophthalmology/posteriorsegment/posteriorsegmentpictur5tersonsyndrome.htm

and this is what they can do http://www.sight2020.co.uk/surgery/vitrectomy-for-floaters

Please don't count your chickens and worry about it.

Mine was done under a local and I was out the next day, totally painless and it did give me back my sight. If you have to have that done there really is nothing to worry about.

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Most of us here didn't get answers for the big question, "Where the heck did that blood come from?", but we live on in spite of that and living in uncertainty can be quite different yet freeing. I have come to embrace it through meditation and even so, I still struggle with it in when it comes disguised in many forms in my recovery. Yes seek answers. Yes take steps you need. No don't put all your time into worrying, because it doesn't change what is today.

I hope you'll find peace, it is ultimately what you seek.


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I wanted to look into Meditation, I have always been a stressy person, im not sure if this contributed to what happened - Drs say not - but my pulse was always going ten to the dozen, so even my consultant said that I need to get some zen in my life!

I dont know where to start with it, did u get some tapes or go to a class? I also plan on going to Yoga to chill out and swimming weekly!

Thank you for your kind words, i guess I will have to live with never knowing why blood has appeared in my brain and left me feeling odd!


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