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Moving Ahead

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I saw something on Facebook today. That font of information that must be true because it is printed on the internet :crazy:

You can't start the next chapter of your life

if you keep re-reading the last one.

I know this is easier said than done, actually in most of our cases it is impossible :lol:

I have found though, when I do let go, life seems to progress at a nicer pace.

When I first returned to work, I have to admit I was somewhat oblivious to my limitations. I went back to work think, I beat this, I had a brain bleed and I am one of the lucky ones, lets see what else life has in store for me.

As problems arose, between work and the rest of my world I discovered it was harder and harder to move forward.

Some of that is the fact we desire answers. In my case it isnt so much the "why me", but the "what exactly happened" and what is affected.

I know we all want to get better, but I have a hard time letting go. Not letting go of who I was because that person isnt here any more, I think I have a hard time of letting go of the new me. I believe that is because I havent discovered who the new me is yet. It has been just over a year since I had my SAH. There are still asspects of my life I need to learn about. Once I find out who I am I will be able to accept me for the sweet lovable person I have become! Then I can stop re-reading this chapter and move on to the new one. Till then I will search facebook for more insights!

Cheers Carl

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Well said Carl. I am stuck in reverse at the moment. May be due to upcoming one year anniversary with higher expectations than I should of had. Maybe understanding this chapter would help move to next chapter, I certainly feel that way. I do not have it together at all right now. Thanks for the inspiration and thoughts.


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Hi Carl,

Wise words with your quotation and yes, they're so very true. I found a lot of comfort from quotations in my early years and still find them inspiring.

If anybody is looking for an answer as to "why"? Well, don't ask me, as I've never found it.

I've learn't to enjoy each day and to stop looking back. You tend to waste too much time looking back and not looking forward, because of worrying. I'm 7 years on and have spent the last 5 years searching and haven't found an answer because there isn't one.

I do accept me now, but still strive to be and do better over time. I'm not sure whether that's the key or not to unlocking my brain, who knows! I'm still working it all out, but know that when I achieve something more than normal, it's a good feeling, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time!

After all these years, I still take each day as it comes and today is a good day. xx

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Hi Carl,

I like that quote. For me, the realisation & acceptance happened last Nov,after attending a large lunch event where I used to work. This was over 3 years after my SAH. I know who I am now & I can move forward because of it. I took me a very long time to get there - I had been constantly trying to be the person I was before. Now I know that person is gone - this is the new me (pretty boring compared to the old version :wink:)

Life gets much easier when you finally get to know who the new you is & start working with that person instead of trying to fight them off. You are an intelligent man and hopefully because of this you will find your peace a lot quicker than I did.

Michelle x

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As you know I am at 1 year too. I totally relate to what you're saying. Totally. I have moments when I think that I'm over this...then there are the others. How do you even explain that to normal folks? They see me and think how happy and good I look. They have no idea that I just spent 1hour crying over not knowing what is real about my thoughts/emotions. Who am I? Who am I? I am not Kris anymore. Who am I?

Carl, as you post, I feel a real sense of who you are. I know you are Carl to me. I have no idea who the man called Carl was before, but you are you to me. I'm sure I'm me to you as well. Now if we could just exchange notes, all would be illuminated!


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