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Had one of the rare GOOD days!

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Thankfully, I had one of my rare good days Friday night into Saturday. My son had 3 of his friends sleep over Friday for his 14th birthday, and then on Saturday, there were 7 teenage boys in the house. (it's not a large house) I even managed to keep the place fairly straightened up without hitting the brick wall of exhaustion that I usually have.

One of my sons friends made a comment about how short my hair is now and why I walk a bit funny, I told him "what do you expect from a person who's head exploded" lol...apparently he was the ONLY person in this town who didn't know what happened to me lol...I ended up having to explain to a 15 year old about SAH. He seemed fascinated as well as horrified but was really 'cool' about it. :shock:

I am so glad the boys had a good time, but I'm even happier that it's over now. It's going to take me a few days to recover from it all

There are up days and down days and even the in between days...just glad that this weekend was more like the 'old' me than the post SAH me.


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