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Warm welcome

Guest Cathy

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Guest Cathy

What a warm welcome thank you so much. A bit more useless information about me.

I am back to work only manage 4 days a week and boy don't I know it but there is a hungry wolf at the door!!!! Understanding from the employer is lacking they can't understand why I am having problems as I read from someone on this site you need a bandage on your head then it might make a difference.


I have problems with memory, tiredness, and all the rest of the rubbish also falling down seems to be a favourite thing for me which then adds to the problems it gives the rest of the family something to laugh at, anything to oblige BUT I have a lovely little home, and two naughty delightful little dogs who keep me in order. :lol:

I'm not sure which heading this should now go under I am not too good on the computer but learning with great gusto. :roll:


Thanks once again speak to you soon.

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Hi Molly,

You sound as though you're doing well with managing to get back to work. :) We've often said that we should walk around with a bandage strapped around our heads .... as our injury is invisible as such, people tend to think that you've been fixed and so all is well.....we all know here, that isn't the case.

How long ago did you have the op?

How old are you? (if you don't mind me asking..) Sorry, this is sounding like twenty questions! It's just that it makes it easier to talk... :)

We also have a dog .... he's called Bailey and is an English Springer Spaniel...there's a picture of him in the photo album on the homepage. He's good company, but can be hard work and is food obsessed .... he only has to hear the fridge door opening or the chink of a plate and he's out like a shot and on the scrounge.....think that he could do with seeing one of those doggie therapists! :lol:

Hope that you have a good day...

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Hi Molly

Good to hear from you again.

You are doing well getting back to work well done you, how long were you off work?

Yep know only to well the one about looking ok but so is not the case :roll:

Bye just now


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Guest Cathy

I have just found out the hard way you cannot go back and check the questions asked when you are in the middle of this :oops:

Yesterday was a bad day, go into work and say not feeling so good and you get oh I know how you feel I am feeling etc mmmm I wonder. Today has been better just pottering around can't be bad.


Right questions answered. 2 years ago my life changed 8 months off work. Eye spy was difficult, my Mum was wonderful and we did have some laughs with the things I came out with. Walking was a bit of a no no for two reasons 1 I couldn't because of the haemorrhage 2 because the surgeon was in such a rush to repair my nose he cut the muscle too deep in my right thigh. Not the best leg in the world now because all my right side is my bad side . Shame really I haven't got four legs it would have been easier :!:


Age now that is a difficult one I say 46 the rest of the family say between 6 and 96 it's only because they are jealous of my good looks and healthy body :!::!:


Guess that is about ,it another day tomorrow and thanks again for the welcome I feel somehow different because there are people who know just how I am feeling and what I am going through and it DOES make a difference :)

Night Night,


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Hi Molly-i seem to be posting on 2 pages!

Just wondered if there was any element of control of the bleed during the op-also how the other problem with the pituitary has been left or whether you are getting chemo/radio for it.

All the best

Andy P


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Guest Cathy

Hi, to this day I don't think I have been told all. Different things were said in the begining and then the story changed. Not saying about backs or anything but we are of opinion they closed ranks :!: :?

As for pituitary it has now been left. I am not able to take the pills and potions which shrinks the tumour. but hey ho onwards and upwards, thanks though.

I guess maybe you are right, should I move to the greenroom now :?: e

Take care,


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Hey Molly

I see you're from Devon. I was in Prixford on holiday when I had my SAH. I was taken to Barnstaple hospital where they decided they couldn't do anything for me and then transferred to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. The care I got there whilst in the hospital was second to none but in stark contrast when I was admitted to Queen Med in Nottingham a week later with severe headaches the care was disgusting.

Which hospital were you in?

Sami xxxx

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