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SAH or Stroke After Dental Work or Hair Appointment?

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Just wondering if any had their SAH or Stroke after a hair appointment or dental work? I had mine after having a tooth pulled. Just wondering is any others are out there? I have read having your head in that position can lead to a stroke for people at risk. Thanks, Mary

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I've often felt uncomfortable with my head in that sink, long before I knew anything about brain bleeds! I can't remember how close my appointments were to the 'event'. My doc now thinks I had a 'leak' prior to the big event though so it becomes complicated trying to figure out when it all started.

Sandi K.

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Right before my SAH, I had a thought, 'Maybe I should cut my hair.' It was a nightmare in the hospital, I have so much of it even when it's short. They had to put 2 shampoo cap things on it instead of the normal 1...and it still didn't get really clean. Then no one understood that I never comb it, I just finger it and so all my hair got matted because everyone was scared of it! (I wish some of the emotion icons had hair! Insert one here.)


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