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hi new member sending greetings to all


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what a relief to find this site, . My SAH occured at 5-30am outside in the garden. yes I was and still am an early bird! My german shepherd dog, Jake was with me. I have no recollection of events but my dog opened the back door, went to the bedroom and woke my husband by barking and jumping on him. My husband followed the dog and found me collapsed on concrete ground with blood pouring out of my head and my face was blue. He phoned 999 who talked him through CPR and he got me breathing. The air ambulance landed in a field at the back of us and took me to hospital where they advised I would not recover. after 12 hours I was transferred to sheffield neuro dept where 2 surgeons operated for 9 hours then I was in intensive care for 16 days. I had a massive stroke with the SAH. I call myself lucky girl for obvious reasons!! Jake suffered a brain tumour 7 months later and died but I owe him and my husband my life. Recovery has been hard and 4 years later I have found that I am now looking forwards and not backwards. I have been so lucky to have friends who make time to spend time with me, keeping me interested and challenged to get back into mainstream living even with the permanent damage to balance, memory etc. I feel that I have been on a hard lonely journey and would hope to help others in their journey if I can.

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Lucky Girl,

Sounds like you have come on a lot, way to go.

Sorry about dog Jake, just lost our dog Cass, well last year, killer isn't it when your dog goes.

But keep chin up as you are here to tell the tale thanks to Jake and Husband.

I wish you Well, I am trying to walk after my family were told by OT's I would not walk again.

60 to a 100 yards now, small steps for some but major ones for me.

Keep going and remember.. chin up and sing xx Welcome to BTG x

WinB143 xx

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Hi Lucky Girl and welcome to BTG.

Sounds like you have had an incredible journey, and what an amazing thing your beloved Jake did for you (and hubby too of course!). I am a big dog lover, lost my last dog in 2007 and I can still cry at the mere thought of that wonderful faithful friend.

Looking forward to reading your posts,

Take care,


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