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Hello My name is Phillip, I'm so pleased I found this site because it has been really helpful. I am 53 and had a SAH on 17 December last year and when they tried to coil the anuerysm (Fisher grade 3) they found two tears in my carotid artery so this had to be repaired before they could carry out the coiling. I was so lucky it happened at 10.30 in the morning and I was operated on by 4.00pm I think this is why my recovery has been so good. I spent three weeks in Frenchay hospital in Bristol, I returned to work on the 18 Feb but am only managing three days a week. I get very tired quickly and notice my speech becomes slightly slurred and I tend to stutter when I am tired.

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Hi Phillip,

You are doing incredibly well to be back working 3 days a week so quickly after SAH. My speech is also a problem when I'm tired. It still gets muddled now when I'm tired but nothing like in the early months when, as you say, I was slurring or using the wrong words or even just making up new ones!! It's something that will improve as you continue to get better. The tiredness should improve too as time goes on.

You are doing amazingly well, just remember to rest as much as you can when the tiredness hits.


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Hi Philip and welcome.

When I get tired post SAH it feels like my brain realises its almost out of energy so it shuts down less crucial functions, talking, balance, vision. I also find my pain levels spike. I have learnt that I just have to stop when that happens and not try and push through it.

It's very early for you and you're doing well but remember to keep things a bit slow as you're still healing massively. Take care.


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