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Hello to all the newbies!

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I wanted first to say hello and welcome to all the new BTG'ers that have joined recently. I do not know if I have "met" each of you yet but I do read daily. Some days I just have no words of wisdom or anything worth opening my mouth to say!

BTG for me has been the greatest source of recovery out there. I really do not know how I would not have become insane with the way I felt after my SAH and continue to feel if I did not have this site to tell it is all normal. No one seems to have the answers we need to our questions. I have met some wonderful people here. I do not think a day goes by without a conversation from a BTG friend that makes me feel better.

I have found out so many ways to cope through the wisdom of the founders of BTG and the different folks with their own personal trial and error journeys. I think we all share a common bond that sets us apart from other folks. Not saying that others do not have their own struggles but maybe it is because they have more understanding and support written for them.

Also wanted to let you know all are welcome to join in the green room and have your morning cuppa or cup of joe while chatting about your day.

I wanted apologize if any of our newest members are turned off or away by comments made by the folks here. I sometimes think it is perfectly normal when you put a group of head injury folks together that are trying their hardest to recover everyday. We are all from different backgrounds and different cultures that make it hard sometimes to understand.

I also have been known for my tough love of pulling your boots straps up rants. It happens, we get frustrated. But we all share the common goal of wanting to be better. I know for me I am one that pushes to hard and runs into to wall over and over thinking I am cured.

So anyway all you new folks …glad you are here this is the right spot to be if you had a SAH and are in recovery. I know for one I would be a mess without Karen and her hard work of putting this site up for us. I also want to say as much as I "spell check" I still cannot read or write so excuse this message and all its mistakes as I have to stop reading it over and over!

Best Regards, MaryB

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I've only been posting and reading stories and threads since Apr and just stumbled on the site but what a great gift. I find myself checking for posts every day. It has been so educational and informative. Most of all it gives me hope.


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When I first came on here via my daughter posting on here, when I was in hospital.

I came on and typed my first message a year later and it was like you all knew what I'd been through, no need to explain good and bad days.

I have laughed so much since coming on here, and the laughter has done me good.

Good luck to all newcomers and many thanks to Karen and all of you xx and the 2 M's and Davids fight with SAH xx

You are all great so smile and pat yourselves on back.

Be Well All and sing ~ we made it xx albeit a little jaded somedays

WinB143 xx xx

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It took me months before I could even use a computer for anything as it made me dizzy and nauseous. It still does sometimes, but hey, there are worse things in life than not being always able to be online 24/7.



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thanks for the welcome mary, it was just what I needed -you must have read my mind! Having been looking in on the site for 2 years I felt I knew all the BTG regulars in the way you feel you' know' characters from TV shows so when i started joining in I felt a bit surprised that I wasn't acknowledged by them. But of course that's nonsense I'm just a stranger from cyberspace to you all!. Hoping to contribute a lot more now and give back some of the support that I've found during my recovery.

Thanks again

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You know I still feel that way about some that have been here for years and years. I feel I cannot jump in as I cannot keep their history straight in my head.

I really love it when member post on the bottom what their date of SAH was so I can remind myself how long out they are.

MY dream is for a rich person to fly us all to the same vacation location for a week so we can have a vacation/conference. Would that not be so cool to put a face, personality with their story?? Maybe a brain research group could do that for us!

I have told a few or many that my Fibromyalgia Network has over 100,000 followers on Facebook and has a magazine they send out to members but 20-25 years ago it started so small now it has grown into a wonderful resource of information. It was back when fibro was thought to be all in your head and not doctor had an answer for you.

But I have a dream someday all of us SAH'ers will be the beginning of something small that grows into a really well respected place of knowledge. In the next 10-20 years brave doctors will acknowledge our struggles and have answers or at least ways to cope.

I must add on my last visit with my neurologist ( who never opened my chart) – who knew I had fibro and CFS/ME said to me when I asked why I get so exhausted for a week after a day full of activities? “Maybe you have CFS? I was like “yes, I do and fibro, Do you believe in fibro?” and he said “ I think a lot of people try to use it to get disability”. I was so dumbfounded. He was only focused on treating my headaches- and said so. Like I said that was my last visit with him.

Our day will come!


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Yes, Hello to all the newbies!

Elaine, I felt a bit sad to read that you didn't feel you were acknowledged when you first posted. Speaking for myself, I am struggling to keep up with who's who at the moment as there have been a lot of new people joining all at the same time. I forget who said what or if I've already said 'hi' to them when there are so many at once.

Once I've read a few posts from the same person my brain slowly starts to remember little things about each person but it does take me a while. I find it easier to stay quiet until I start to remember everyone.

I'm sorry you felt a bit left out at first. This is such a friendly group of people that I am sure it was not intentional & like me, others will probably feel more confident in chatting to you once we work out who everyone is :-D Hopefully now that you are joining in more, you will find it all very helpful & welcoming. Incidentally what soap did it seem like? I'm thinking maybe Coronation Street fits the bill, Eastenders are always shouting & miserable :lol: Karen is the pub landlady maybe?

Nice to 'meet' you!!

Michelle x

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What a good idea to say welcome to everyone when there are so many at one time Mary. Elaine, I feel as Michelle does. It's so wonderful to have many new members but it takes awhile for my brain to figure out who is who and what their story is. Especially lately cuz I'm not able to check in as often as I'd like.

Welcome to everyone, check out the green room too. Lots of friendly chit chat in there that can help bring a smile.

Sandi K. Xoxoxo

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Sorry if you felt a bit like this Ready? Ahhh ohhhh what shall I put, well I did so I typed a song and it was

off key, but no one heard it.

I was lucky Michelle, Keith,Sandi, David and Mary befriended me. Now they cannot get rid of me lol.

Be Well Elaine and if I ignore you just type " Win how rude !!"


WinB143 xx

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Thanks for the welcome- I am so glad i found this site otherwise i may have gone bonkers (mind you there is still time)

I had my sah on 8th May this year so just 6wks ago- when i first came on i felt like i was intruding because everyone seems to know everyone but I'm sticking around anyway and im sure in time i'll start to figure out whose who and I'm looking forward to that :-).

Thank you Lesley xx

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