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My first day back to work.

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After a lousy nights sleep, only 3 hours, I get up excited and a little anxious about going back to work as a teaching assistant. My surgery was 16 weeks ago now and with advise from my surgeon off I go.

The first day back at school is always manic, greeting all my work friends was emotional and trying to learn even a few of the children's names in my class was difficult to say the least. My teacher, Duncan, has been a star today, I have never worked with him before but he was understanding and didn't put on me too much, thank goodness.

10 o'clock brought the T.A meeting and to be honest I sat there feeling like I was there but not really there, kind of looking down on them all. When I did speak it was to ask people to please ignore my grimaces when my nerve pain kicks in as it soon dissipates, this was greeted with a lot of jokes, which before would never of bothered me (we do banter quite a bit) but today felt really hurtful. I am so sensitive nowadays :rolleyes5: All morning I had to fight back the tears, but I'm not sure why, I wasn't sad but they weren't tears of happiness either, just emotional I guess.

After the meeting it was assembly time, another fight of the tears, and then break time. Boy, was it noisy in the staff room, everyone catching up with everyone else. This is usually my favourite part of my first day, but to be honest again I just sat there and listened and fought the urge not to cover my ears, lol. Might of appeared rude :wink:

Back to class after that, Teacher was late back, busy on playground, so I had to take the class for 10 minutes. We just went round with me trying to remember names and getting used to little year 3's (I have been in yr6 for the last 5 years) and how different they are. Teacher then returned and spent the next half hour explaining the routines of his class, I felt a bit sorry for kids then, as I found it hard trying to put all this info into my brain, let alone them. God I hope I remember it all for tomorrow for when they ask me.

I came home absolutely shattered, but because of the lack of sleep I'm not too sure whether it was that or a morning back at work. Only time will tell I guess.

To all of you that are going back to work, good luck and best wishes xx

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DebZ - kind of exciting I worked for 5-6 years in kindergarten as a aide for the highest and lowest kids. It was so rewarding, I now want to shout on the roof tops when a light bulb goes off in my head that I now know how a kid feels when they "get it" finally.

I hope it continues to go ok. It will take some time to get use to, nice thing with kids is they do not know when you are having a moment! First day under your belt, good job!. Are the schools as strick there as they are here no extra days off etc...... pretty formal and no way to change schedule.

Now that I am on adderall for my CFS/ SAH & cannot stay awake withtout it I have moments of great insight. On day 2 of ritalin it kicked in my "Oh I remember how to cook! I for ove ra year was unable to just go cook a meal it was like I brain surgery to me to make soup something I have done a billion times etc. It was like a light switch went off and I wanted to tell all the teachers i knew AND doctors how fascinating it was to have that happpen.

Are you phasing back or just back for the school year. Our school would not of allowed a phased


Good luck may everyday be easier. Maryb

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Congratulations on returning to work.

I had my SAH almost 3 months ago but had to go back to work after one month because I am single and have no one else to pay my bills. I spent the first couple of weeks with my back towards everyone because I would just start crying, no reason, just crying. I had to go back full time, there was no option for me to do part time because I needed the money.

After about 3 weeks things got better. I am lucky that I work with the best bunch of girls possible. They are supportive and keep me laughing. They were all there when it happened, since I was at work. I still get dizzy and they days are long but they help me get through the day. By the time I get home I'm ready for bed.

Yes, I have nights that I don't sleep well and it makes for a very long day and that's when I notice the headaches and fatigue.

But enough about me....congrats to you.


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