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Had my 6th month scan this morning.

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Well folks had my sixth month mri scan this morning, they did not inject the dye so that must be good mind I do wonder how they see anything if blood does not show up on the scans without the dye.

Actually don't know nowt as you guys should know they tell you nothing there and then and only that the results will be sent on to your consultant, but as there's always a doctor there surely a quick "well desmond at a quick glance everything looks ok but we will need a closer look but should be fine" would be nice.

For those that remember my mum had a scan today also but did not go, she suffers from mental health issues and has developed Tourette's she just refuses to leave the house, she tried and we tried but she can't do it and just to give you an idea how bad it is, she didn't visit me in hospital until the second week even though I was as good as gone and that she loves me so and was so worried she still couldn't leave the house and it took two weeks to work her self up to do it.

She's really down now knowing that she wasted an appointment when people have to wait so long on them.

Adios amigos :)

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yes it would be nice if they just said we will need to just have a closer look but first impressions are it looks ok - but they just keep you waiting

I haven't even seen anyone at all and I had my sah 4 months ago :lol: its mad - my very first appointment is next week - I know I don't have any physical problems but i'm pretty messed up inside so would be nice for someone just to say how are you

your poor mum that is just awful - does she swear and stuff and that's why she wont leave the house? I have seen people with tourettes out and about and they wear a necklace thing saying they have tourettes so people know they are not just shouting abuse for nothing - I can understand why she wouldn't want to wear one right enough - poor lady

Hope you don't need to wait to long for your results

Lesley x

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Yep would be nice but just seems to be how it works, they like you to wait & in some cases worry yourself more sick..

Only get the dye if your coiled or clipped cant remember which one though...& the blood does show with our without the dye.

Oh that's a horrible thing for your Mum to go through my Dad had mental health issues so know what hard work it is..

take care

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I am so thankful I can get my results and a typed report within days if not hours of my scans. I think it is crazy that they cannot do that for you. I wish they HAD to give you a copy so you can keep a record for yourself. On the other hand I am still paying off my December 2012 scan of like $4500.

At least if you have a copy of report you can research it when you feel better enough to understand. I would not ever of known or recalled I had damaged in occipital lobes if I did not read it. It took me 1 1/2 years before I even knew or understood where my SAH was. So I cannot imgine how anyone would expect someone with a brain injury to feel they "get it" and not "forget it" when they walked out of office.

Oh your poor mom & family. I cannot imagine how that must be. My mother also had some mental health issues and I really did not get how bad they were until after she passed but I knew she loved me. She had dementia or Alzheimers later in life. She was really a hermit since the by brother returned home from Viet Nam. I wish I understood her better when she was alive. It is something I just did not get and I am rather ashamed of in hind sight. Not that she would of left the hosue to get it checked out either. SO kudos to you for understanding her now.

Good lUCk Mary

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You'll be okay Desy xx

I hate the waiting for results, but got the all clear 2 years ago and now under Doc if I ever feel rough.

My brother wouldn't come up hospital while I was very ill but he came once I was off machines, I understand him.

Be Well Desy and All

WinB143 xx xx

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I am sorry to read about your mum, that must be very hard.

With regards to your scan, just to let you know that your results don't really tell you anything either. This may vary from region to region perhaps, but don't expect too much. In response to both my 6 month and 2 year scan, I received a letter mentioning a future appointment and that is all each letter said. The radiologist did tell me that if anything was wrong they would get in touch very quickly, but like everyone else has said - it would be nice to have some reassurance that all is ok.

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Hi Desy,

I have my reports and really do not understand them anyway. My dr released me after 2 months, but, mine was different than yours. I do know that when my first scan was serious they shoved me in an ambulance and raced me to another hospital pronto!! So.......

About your mother, I am sorry. I have a brother with mental illness and he did not visit me until I came home and then was more interested in talking about himself, but, that is how he is. He's not married and no children so he's had a lifetime of thinking about himself. But, to my surprise, he did help me upstairs and put a cover over me. So, they do care but can find it difficult to show it sometimes.

Hope you are feeling better.


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Morning peeps.

Well guys not to worried about it to be honest, but the person before me and the person after might be more concerned.

Not looking a hug or a shoulder to cry on and definitely not false hope if something was wrong, just a little reassurance.

One thing I've gathered form my hospital stays/visits is how cold some doctors can be, I understand that if you do something long enough you become slightly detached from it, but their primary role is as a carer and maybe every five years they should do a day release course on the core values of caring for patients and how important this is in their recovery, I'm not just on a random rant as my partner and most of my friends work in the royal hospital and the stories are scary, we are talking about a lack of basic care, ive no real complaints about the medical attention.

I've another appoinment with the doctor today (my own gp) so should get to talk more and hopefully get a few more answers.

Cheezo its atrocious, I think in all my lifetime I've heard my mother curse a handful of times and even then we are talking about F and b at the most, we don't know how this illness works but it does seem that the only the worst swear words come out.

So its hard enough to cross the door if you randomly shout and make strange noises but when they are bad swear words well you ain't ever going to go out.

She will joke about it sometimes as she does also shout out what she sees like the wonder bra adverts that come on tv then boom out comes "boobies" lol

She also says what she thinks which is a tricky one like my sisters useless partner who gets called a... Am... Well lets just say the c word and we will leave it at that.

She was also given electric shock therapy years ago for depression which she still refers to as "absolutey barbaric" so she ain't to keen on doctors so add all the above togather and its easy to see why she won't cross the door.

Bar all that she is as normal a mum as you get cooks, cleans runs a home as best she can and is always the first person we turn to in times of need and there's nothing she won't do for us.

Can remember years ago when I was young and rebelling to say the least she said to me one day "Desmond I am your mother, I will always be your mother, no matter what you do good or bad,I will always be your mother,I will always love you and always be there for you" a sentence which had a profound effect on my life and on my future parenting skills.

Iola my sister is like that and no matter what is wrong with me and how bad I get she is worse, feel like saying to her "aye but you didn't nearly die" to see what her response would be, probably something along the lines of "I know I didn't nearly die, but every day I feel like I'm dying" lol.

Hold onnnnn have to stop now as you guys always get me in trouble for going wayyyy off topic :o nothing to do with my motor mouth sorry fingers lol bye

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