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Back to square one

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Hi all

Need support again!

Had a bleed on 15 July with hydrocephalus and been home for 6 weeks now.

Last week it was suddenly like a fog lifted in my brain and I could do loads more.

I have 2 little girls and did walk to school etc!!!!

Then WHOA! This week has been awful the fog is back. Tinnitus loud. Wobbly and today I vomited. I am still on cyclizine.

Is this normal?... Been 6 bad days now. Feel like crying and as if I have gone back about 4 weeks in my recovery.

Please reassure me this is normal??? Feel very low (

Jo x

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Yes it is normal, or it was for me. I would fall asleep at the drop of a hat. No energy and I felt very bad. I had a newborn and a 5 year old at the time of mine. I came out of the hospital, after being there for the first month of my son's life, trying to be super mom, and do all the things like normal.

The further out from it you get, the more good days you will have, and the bad days will be farther apart. Don't let the bad days get you down too much because it is part of recovery. There is a lot of peace in knowing that. Just kind of honor the bad days knowing that they will pass, and try not to over do it on the good days.

You are still so close in. I am 4 years out from mine and every day it gets better. Listen to your body. The brain heals when it is at rest. So, if you can...rest. I do not know if you have looked at the "two weeks and BAM" thread , but please do.

You will see that you are not alone in how you feel.

I am just glad that you have found this site right off the bat. It will help more than you can imagine. I went through for 4 years, knowing nothing about the recovery. I thought I was just plain crazy. You are on the right track. Hang in there!


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Variability is one of the most hardest aspects for us to deal with. The symptoms come and go. New ones start. Old ones come back after being gone for so long. The not knowing how you are going to feel as each day unfolds. Then there is all the expectations we put on our selves and think that others are putting on us. It is a lot to handle and no one really gets it except the ones that have gone through it themselves.

Expect the unexpected and rejoice on the days that go unexpectedly well.


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I'd say its normal but if your worried see the GP hun, when you had that little more energy you probably did way more than you should have - we've all done that, 15th of July is no time at all really take things easy listen to your body when it telling you slow down, don't ignore it...

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Hi there. Louise says it well, if you are at all worried then you should check it out. You mentioned you had hydrocephalus, did they place a permament VP shunt or just an EVD at the time? sickness and dizziness are common in our recovery but equally can be pressure related for me so I would take a cautious view and just check in with someone if the symptoms haven't eased up all week.

I can remember doing the school run one day and it wiping me out for ages, even now one of the grandparents often does the morning drop off just to give me that extra time to get going in the morning.

We try and kid ourselves that we can do it and the brain will remind you that it needs some space and time to heal. I used to count on my fingers how many months had passed since my bleed and feeling happy when I reached three , then four, then five months ...now 18 months have passed , wow. Yes still happy, still lots of steps backwards amongst the many forward but we will be ok.

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We do get good and bad days, but we cannot let it beat us as we are the lucky ones.

I know at the moment you feel rough, but rest and water and have a sleep.

Hope you feel well soon and as Kris said (Expect the unexpected and rejoice on the days that go unexpectedly well).

WinB143 xx

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