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5 months on and follow up scans

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Hi Everyone

I don't post very often , in fact this is only my second.

Just had a follow up appointment today , I have made a good recovery after SAH , still have a few headaches and a lot of tiredness , but have started back at work a few days.,

I had an angiogram last month and now my consultant says they will scan me again at two years. Just wondered if it normally is that long , just feels like a long time when you get scared incase it happens again ( which they have said is unlikely ) now the aneurysm is coiled.

Thanks if anyone can advise.


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Hey Hun

For me it was 18 months between my follow up and my final scan, before being discharged - I'm coiled too, but have only ever been scanned 3 times including initial emergency scan - and that's the only time I've had an angiogram.

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Hi Kayleigh,

A year after my SAH I had a shunt put in my head and approx. 2 years later I had MRI and got the all clear.

If I feel rough I am to see my Doc and he will refer me to my Surgeon.

So I think it's par for the course as they put it. ie the norm.

Good luck on recovery and keep well and do not stress ever x


WinB143 x

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Kayleigh. Glad to hear you are doing ok.

I think the protocol is angio about 6 months after coiling. Followed by an anniversary 1 year MRI and then unless you have another aneurism that is being watched ( which i do ) then you move to less frequent MRI's every few years.

If you are being monitored more closely then it remains yearly.

One thing though, I had a unscheduled MRI a few months back because I had some symptoms that were causing concern so my experience is that if you have any changes going on together with your history then there will be no delay in getting you a MRI if they think they need to have a little peek before your next check up but I am sure that is very unlikely.

Look on it as a positive thing. They are happy with you, happy with the surgeons handiwork and it's all looking stable. :-D

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