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Anxiety/Panic Attacks?

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Hi All

I've read these posts, and yes I can say I've also been through most of these.

Hope this is the correct section to post in - If not Sorry

But I feel a visit to these sites might help.

Anxiety Disorders


Panic Disorder (Recurring Panic Attacks)


A Panic Attack


Patient UK is a good source of information and behindthegray is listed there in both the "Stroke" and "Subarachnoid Haemorrhage" sections.

Take Care All

I hope this is of use to many, It has helped me

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Hi Karen I suffered terrible panic attacks I wanted to see a counsellor however it was too little too late they took so long getting back to me:lol: but I did this really good online course it only last 6wks they teach you all techniques to overcome them its called epp (expert patients programme) it really helped me. Jess.xxx

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