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Return to work?

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Mine was non-aneurysmal but at the same time it is still a bleed in the brain so do not let anyone make you think it is not as severe. I had to learn that myself. I went back part-time around 4/5 months and it was hard. It's still hard and I am seven months along.

Take the longest amount of time you are offered and then more if you can. You will be exhausted and may end up with worse headaches and dizziness if you push too soon. I am well aware.

There is a thread about going back to work that may help you as well. Lot's of good info in that thread.

Take it slow and think about you.


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Hi Megan

I had an SAH with no cause found in late July. Due to pressure and financial circumstances I tried to return to work after 4 weeks. I saw an Occupational Health doctor who advised building up from 2 days in the first week to full time at the end of week 4. It just wasn't possible for me and I had to cut back drastically and have been managing 2 days a week up until last week when I did 3 days. It took me from Thursday until today to recover, ready to try it again!

I have found I need more pain relief and more anti sickness medication with each day I work as my symptoms are much worse when I'm tired. Things that have helped me:

- Drink loads of water (I have a jug on my desk)

-Try and find somewhere quiet to take time out, I retreat to my car, put ear plugs in and an eye mask on for 10-15 minutes. This seems to help my brain settle down so I can do the next couple of hours.

-I have my iPod at work, if I am getting distracted at my desk I plug myself in!

- On work days I take my medication regularly whether I feel I need it or not

-I eat small snacks through the day because when I'm tired my appetite goes

I can't cope with glare on my computer screen or keyboard, so I have shuffled my desk around.

I also found being in large meetings, or more than one person talking at once really difficult at first, but am managing this a little better now.

I would agree with Iola, take as much time as you can. The trouble is this isn't always easy or possible. Try to be gentle with yourself and rest outside of work as much as you can!

Good luck!

Julie x

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I am 2 years post and I did not go to work. I am volunteering, though as there is not the pressure. I have difficulty with stress. However, I didn't need to work, so that helps...others are not that lucky. Each of us is different. I have also found out that I do not really desire to do what I was doing before. I love what I am doing now.

All you can do is try and do it when you think you're ready. At 4months I was still VERY dizzy all the time, I wouldn't have been able to ignore that and prioritize anything else. Take it one day at a time and when you've woken up for a week and feel every day that you could go back to work, then you're ready to give it a try. Start slow and then go for it.


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I went back to work after 4 months and to be honest it was too soon. I was allowed 6 months and now wish that I'd taken it. Don't compare how you are at home to how you'll be in work - you'll probably be exhausted physically and mentally. Also, you'll have all the 'you don't look like there's anything wrong with you' to deal with.

Take you time and listen to your body. I hope that you have an understanding employer.:smile5:

Best wishes

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Take as much time as you need! I went back too soon as I felt I had to only to have rebounded at 26 months. I should of stayed home until I could take care of my household without much problem then return to work. I did not even "get" how to go into the kitchen and make a meal until about 20 months yet I was working 30 hours a week. Now that I am "waking up" a bit and able to do a bit more normal everyday stuff at home it seems to be taking my energy allowance out of my work. I hit the wall everyday at noon. I recently can add that I can most of the time make it through the grocery store without much problem as long as I have a list. Sometimes I just leave 1/2 way through but not as often as I use to. I think you need to be able to shop first then think about work!

I believe 3 months is how long an incision needs to heal. But that is not how long it takes for your brain to heal. I think most of agree to take it very slow returning to work. I thought I was above that as my long memory and my work routine was pretty easy to ( well it was not easy but it was easier than cooking) get back into. I just say take as much time as you can and do not add more hours for like a year. Good luck.


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I do not work but listen to those who have gone back too early and are shattered by it.

Your body will let you know.

I had trouble ironing !!

Good Luck on recovery and never give up, it's a long haul but we will all get there.


WinB143 xx

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