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I was sure we had this topic somewhere so sorry if I've duplicated. Can't find it.

I had my first flight 3 weeks ago, 7months post SAH.

I wore Ear Plugs had a pounding headache before I got on. Whilst flying some discomfort around my Omaya Res site (the bump on my head) And a bit were my anni is. But the main prob was headache due to winding myself up the other things could just be pyschosymatic (you know what I mean). On they way back no problems at all. However that night I was in really bad form felt like having a mini bleed but I had just had 3 fantastic weeks in Ireland was pushing myself quite a lot.

Unpacked my case, headed to the shops etc when I got home, so think my body may have just given up.

On the plus side there always is one. I had been really scared about my Angio the following Wed, but the fact that I was in such bad form left me feeling well I really need to go and get this checked out.

So on the flying I will Def do it again but would build in a bit of time either side so you can get a rest.

Aine xox

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Guest Hannah


re flying, mum is going on holiday in September and asked if she was ok to fly.... a week later she got a letter back saying that (of course) she was able to fly in pressurised cabin but that she has to lay off the acrobatic display flying....

Well, phew, as long as what got that sorted then...

Take care


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I flew for the first time at the beginning of May. I found the pressure on take off and landing a bit more intense but otherwise ok.

Even though I enjoyed the holiday I was wiped out for the week after and my headaches were a lot more intense.


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I flew for the first time 10 days after I left Rehab (six months in hospital in total).

I'd missed my wedding anniversary while I was in hospital and my lovely husband always takes me away for our wedding anniversary... So, as soon as I had a discharge date he'd booked a mini holiday in the Highlands.

My physiotherapist had suggest we go nearer to home (Bournemouth). I'd spent part of my time in hospital in a general ward (basically god's waiting room)... I wanted to get back in the land of the living.

I was terrified but I'd been to see my Brain Surgeon a few days after I'd been discharged from Rehab and he said I could drink red wine (in moderation) have sex (as often as I liked) and fly :D

We hired a wheelchair from the Red Cross I was still very wobbly at that time and as I'd never been to Scotland before I did'nt know what to expect. As it happens we only used the wheelchair at Luton airport I used the walking stick for everything else. Unfortunately I could'nt wear shoes at that time so even though I'd made an effort with hair, make up and clothes I wore slippers when we went out in the evenings (trainers during the day).

Since then, I've been to Cyprus (the following October to stay with friends), Mexico (three times), Florida Keys, France, Italy and Canada oh and Glasgow and Newcastle.

I still get really scared flying and the fear wears me out. The first day of any holiday is mostly spent recovering :cry: But I was scared of flying pre-SAH and I'm not going to let that stop me seeing the world.

We're all entitled to holidays!!!

I'm getting a mini-holiday to my lovely castle in France soon :D

Take Care All

Julie C

x x x

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I just got back from Las Vegas and I too found take off and landing to involve a bit of pressure but the headache I got was more due to the late nights of staring at video gambling machines.


I won myself several pairs of shoes and new clothes. Nice boost since I haven't really gone on a spending spree since getting out of the hospital!


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I work as cabin crew..although, as yet, I have not returned to flying. I have however been on some flights, since my SAH, nearly 2 years ago. In fact..the neuro surgeon had told me I could fly after (i think) it was 3 months..and I did..and thankfully I was fine.

After an SAH, there is no problem with flying. If you are experiencing certain medical problems (other than headaches) then you should really contact the Airline you are flying with for medical clearance..if you feel eg that you may need oxygen on the flight or you could take ill (god forbid) due something else. Oxygen is available on a flight, in an emergency Free of Charge. If you, however, feel you need oxygen for the entire trip, you can pre-book this with your airline, prior to travel, however this will cost you. Prices will be dependant on airline..so please check with them.

You and your Doctor, should know if there is any reason that would stop you flying. If you are taking Codiene..just be careful..as some countries do not permit you to take Codiene into their country...so please double check this, prior to travel.

I was told from DAY1 that there was no reason I could not return to my role as Cabin Crew, which obviously includes flying constantly. I haven't returned yet..due my headaches and not 100% full energy levels..but I am hoping to return to flying in the near future.

I just wanted to reassure you that there is no risk flying after an SAH. You may experience headaches on take off / landing due to the pressure..but it is perhaps more likely that this due to the pressure of your ears not equalizing (ie popping). As cabin crew and also a trained scuba diver..equalization is imperative to avoid ear problems. If you are unable to equalize you will get a severe pain in your ears..and no doubt a severe pain in your head. On take off and on landing.. get some water to drink/some sweets to 'suck on' or perhaps some chewing gum. Keep swallowing (without anything in your mouth..if you know what I mean)..and also just keep GENTLY pressing your nose and trying to equalise your ears. Do this very often, during take off and landing, to avoid the pressure building up.

I hope the above makes sense..and if any one has any questions about flying or airline issues, please do feel free to contact me..and if I can help..I will.

Take care all and happy holidays. I'm so glad to hear some of you sound as you've been having a 'whale of a time' already :D

L xx

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Thanks for all the great info linzi. Am wanting to travel, but was wondering about the affects/afteraffects of flying. No time like the present to travel, especially when you never know what life has in store for you. Enjoy it while you can! Now I am just waiting to hear from neurologist and work-health insurance provider to see if they will let me travel.

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Hi Jess,

Have finally heard back from my doctor and and am cleared to travel. Since I am on medical leave, I have the time to travel so have decided to go for two weeks. We have decided on Punta Cana in the Domincan Republic. Gonna be a fair chunk of change, but after going through the SAH, my boyfriend and I decided that we deserve it! We are looking forward to the weather there, since it is starting to get below freezing here in Canada (no snow yet, though). Am somewhat apprehensive about the flying, but hopefully two weeks in the sand will be well worth the headaches! :wink:

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Well, good news...no real headache to speak of during the flight, even though it was 10 1/2 hours from Vancouver, BC to the Dominican Republic. I needed a few Ibuprofen on the trip down there, but the flight back was fine. Had the best weather possible for almost the whole two weeks, around 28 degrees Celisius every day but the last. Flew back to Canada on Christmas Eve evening and it was raining cats and dogs. Puddles a foot deep on the road! Feel sorry for all the people arriving that day since it was supposed to rain all week. :frown:

I did a bit of a crazy thing, since I didn't have doctors clearance for it...I got my certification to be a scuba diver! :shocked: It was kind of a spur of the moment decision, and after I started taking the course, I sat back and thought it might not be the smartest decision of my life, lol. We had 2 dives in the resort pool and another 7 in the open ocean. During the actual dives I had a good dose of head pain descending to the ocean floor (we went down to a max of 42 feet/13 m). It was a little bit freaky, but I just ascended back up for a bit until it got bearable and then took my time going down. Needless to say, I hadn't disclosed on the medical part of the application that I had had a SAH recently, or I would not have been able to dive! Luckily nothing happened, because I would have been in big trouble if it had, since who knows what I would have done if I needed real medical help. Like I said, not the smartest thing. It is very tiring on the body to do scuba diving, because my boyfriend was exhausted after we would come back from the dives. I would still be quite tired, though, the day after as well. And would suffer from a fairly bad headache usually too. Nothing unmanageable since after all, I was on holidays and could rest all day. I would take a bunch of tylenol/ibuprofen and lay on the beach.

I am so glad that I decided to do the scuba diving, because it is an experience I will never forget. And it also made me shake up my thinking of death and ill-health. Kind of a taking the bull by the horns and see what happens, haha.

Happy New Year to everyone, and some advice from me is to not be afraid to live your life. As long as your body is telling you that you can, don't let this hold you back from what you really want to do...just don't over-do it :biggrin:

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How interesting that you braved scuba diving…good on you, and as you said, you gauged how you felt and took precautions with the ‘depths’. You’ve put me in mind of what my Neuro consultant said. He was so nonchalant, I asked, whether it was okay to bungi jump, scuba dive or parachute (as a joke) to which he replied YES!!! However, I haven’t a death wish; although scuba diving does sound fab! Well done you!! We do need to take care with risks and to challenge our confidence and abilities still!

I have flown since my sah with no effects and plan to again in April…to the Faroe Isles. I might contemplate an abseil or two…or a whizz in a helicopter!! :crazy:


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Well, Anya...wasn't quite a death wish, lol, but was the most risky thing I have ever tried, (next to firefighting last summer). And believe me, Jess, I was sure thinking that I really needed to have checked with a Dr. before doing it! (I figured that if I did see a Dr. at the resort down there, they would for sure say not to, either that or have no idea what an SAH was). Spur of the moment to the "Nth" degree, haha. :nono::crazy: I will say that it was beyond cathartic, almost a religious experience swimming around with all those fish in the beautiful turquoise water. And did I mention that I was afraid of deep water? :yikes: I think I was more afraid of not being able to breathe and being in the water than I was of anything to do with my SAH! (Me) Being afraid of the water AND heights...I would take scuba diving any day, Anya...at least you can't fall to your death in the water, lol. Although we did see one barracuda...

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Hey JD, It’s just dawned on me about the breathing under water with scuba diving…I think I too might have been terrified of losing the plot!! I can well imagine though how spiritually cathartic it was to swim amongst such amazing colours of coral and fish in a spectacular underwater landscape….how rich and mysterious! It’s probably one of the few unspoilt places left to explore, and a serene, if not a surreal experience, once you've mastered it.

I shall be going to the faroe isles for much the same. Its majestic mountainous coastline, its mysticism and its mists!! The houses aren’t much to look at but the landscape looks awe inspiring; altogether an alternative world - a bit like Phillip Pulman's 'Northern Lights! Will tell all when I've been in April! :roll:

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